Wave Analytics: How to get value from your business

How do you treat your business data?

Every business deals with a huge amount of data, but only a few treat it as a strategic asset for practice-oriented insights. Many struggle with locating and grouping data, while others try to find an efficient way to visualize and interpret it. However, all the data pools are of no practical value if you can't figure out what they mean for your business. To get value from your business data, you should comprehend and implement a powerful tool of data analytics.

Big data analytics is a trending practice that many forward-looking companies adopt. Across all industries, data analytics provides great opportunities, starting from adjusting or redesigning certain processes to developing completely new business models. Expert business analytics empowers businesses with insight-driven decisions, which undoubtedly positively affect company’s profits and the competitive position.

To help non-technical business users manage multiple data sources and make sense of their business information stores, salesforce experts come up with the next-generation Wave Analytics tool.

Wave Analytics: How to get value from your business

What is Wave Analytics?

Wave Analytics is a cutting edge analytics cloud-based platform that provides data access to business users at all organization levels, from marketing managers to sales reps.

Opposed to legacy analytics tools, Wave Analytics features the following competitive advantages:
  • Full control of data. The platformenables self-service access to a wide spectrum of data and provides for a rich variety of grouping, filtering, viewing and sharing options.
  • Cloud speed and scale. With native Salesforce integration, the platform offers the fastest time to value without costly hardware or time-consuming upgrades.
  • Flexible underlying database. Based on a key-value-store, Wave Analytics allows seamless integration of any public, desktop or third-party data.
  • Beautiful data visualization. Whether for persisted reporting or key performance indicators, the platform lets you present data in a clear, concise and yet appealing way with clean-cut dashboards.
  • Enhanced security. Wave meets strict data-security and data-privacy requirements, so you can be sure that no confidential information is exposed beyond your company’s system.
  • Perfect mobile compatibility. The platform is designed with user-friendly interfaces for smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
Wave Analytics: How to get value from your business

How does Wave Analytics help get value from data?

The key for success in any business lies in focusing on the right information. In other words, it’s important to seek the data that reveals weak points and highlights opportunities. Bringing business intelligence to everyone in your company, Wave Analytics provides the answers to these critical questions, which inevitably entails decisions and processes driven by insight, rather than instinct.

Supplied with such information as actual customer engagement data purchases, clickstream and mobile app usage, sales managers can optimize marketing expenditures and boost customer acquisition. Meanwhile, detailed visualization of lending trends, loan cycle times, and loan-conversion ratios by time, region, and salesperson, allows root-cause analysis of lost deals.In a nutshell, if skillfully applied at the planning and functional testing stages, advanced analytics affords ground for faster and better informed decisions, allowing further optimization of the entire business infrastructure.

Where to get Wave Analytics?

In pursuit of actionable insights and efficient decision-making with Wave Analytics, you should resort to a reliable software vendor that will professionally implement this powerful Salesforce solution to align with your business needs.
WaveOC is a certified expert team of Salesforce consultants offering tailored cloud services to businesses across a range of domains. WaveOC brings your business necessities in the mix with amazing Salesforce capacities to design the most efficient analytics tool for your business. With WaveOC proficient services and flexible Salesforce platform, you can leverage the latest technologies in the cloud analytics and make your business data-driven, thus gaining an advantage in the marketplace.