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WaveOC is a certified Salesforce expert, specializing in delivering most innovative and scalable solutions to Mid- and Enterprise level businesses around the world.

Armed with almost a decade of industry experience, we assist clients in achieving the next level of business optimization, decision-making process and strengthening their global presence.

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WaveOC: happiness is the key
WaveOC: happiness is the key

We believe, every business deserves the best support and innovative solutions to move forward and bring progressive changes all over the world. The success of our clients is the key indicator we judge our own work. The Happiness of our clients, their results and improvements drive us and push us towards surpassing industry limits.

WaveOC brings companies the momentum they deserve, workflow they are entitled to, Salesforce solutions and business transformation they wanted to see for quite a while.

We understand business
We understand business

Understanding needs of companies in reliable vendors, high-quality deliverables, and results that outdo expectations, we strive to create a healthy and happy communication environment where each action item, task, milestone, and step is crystal-clear and transparent.

We play neither big nor small. We do fair business and we will stay loyal to our mission of helping companies all over the world, to make this planet a better, happier place.

Our history
Here at WaveOC, we are proud to be the part of short but such an inspiring company's history

Year when WaveOC was founded. The same year we became Salesforce Partners. We were mainly focused on delivering personalized Salesforce Solutions to our Australian and Oceania region clients.


Projects were successfully accomplished since then. WaveOC opened offices in Europe, North America and Asia making the sure WaveOC presence in every time-zone possible.  We became partners of Fortune 500 companies and continue to bring the best Salesforce 


We are a global company with a vision of making this world a better place with the help of technologies, our expertise and never-ending aim for innovations.We strive for happiness of both clients and employees, business transformation and positive Salesforce

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