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WaveOC is a certified Salesforce consulting agency, specializing in delivering most innovative and scalable Salesforce solutions to Mid- and Enterprise level businesses around the world.

WaveOC brings companies the momentum they deserve, workflow they are entitled to, transforming businesses via proven methodologies and unique business to technology approach.

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Our expertise
Our expertise

WaveOC has more than 1000 successfully accomplished Salesforce implementation projects, including the development of complex community portals, mobile applications, highly customized integrations, ERP systems and entire departments’ automation.

Every WaveOC developer is a Certified Salesforce Professional with years of hands-on experience. Software architects, lead engineers and high-class developers, together with skillful business analysts form our teams for the best possible vendor experience to bring to our clients.

Our advanced multistage HR process enables finding competent resources for out team and talent database. With developers located all over the world and various skill-set they hold, we make sure we can cover business needs of any complexity and scale.

We understand business
We understand business

We combined agile development methodologies with best business practices and got a unique working approach which enables us to retain transparency of each project stage and velocity of development cycles.

Our advanced quality control process ensures high client satisfaction rates and positive business transformation.

We divide a project of any complexity into 2 week iterations, steadily delivering tasks and delegating resources where they are really needed. Prior to each necessary change we receive client’s approval, no hidden costs or side activity, we prioritize trust.

We maintain high quality of the code and perform all the necessary tests prior to demos, so that even client’s in-house IT team will always have access to the code which will be clear for them.

We provide clients with advanced reporting and instant progress tracking, using our own project management system. We make sure we fully understand the needs of our customer and we guarantee absolute business transparency.


Our history
Here at WaveOC, we are proud to be the part of short but such an inspiring company's history

Year when WaveOC was founded. The same year we became Salesforce Partners. We were mainly focused on delivering personalized Salesforce Solutions to our Australian and Oceania region clients.


Projects were successfully accomplished since then. WaveOC opened offices in Europe, North America and Asia making the sure WaveOC presence in every time-zone possible.  We became partners of Fortune 500 companies and continue to bring the best Salesforce 


We are a global company with a vision of making this world a better place with the help of technologies, our expertise and never-ending aim for innovations.We strive for happiness of both clients and employees, business transformation and positive Salesforce

Why invest in Salesforce?

Today your employees show 100% result


Automate 10%, 30%, 50% of your everyday workflow with customized Salesforce and your employees will show 110%, 130%, 150% result


Your expenses will decrease by 10%, 30%, 50%. Your revenue and your employees work satisfaction will increase by 10%, 30%, 50%

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