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Customer Support in an Ongoing Business

Customer Support in an Ongoing Business


Building and fostering loyal relationships with your customers is the bedrock of a successful business. Hardly anyone ever doubted that. But nowadays, in the context of overwhelming automation, the significance of client support is becoming even more acute.

Why is customer support important?

Customer satisfaction rate is a key indicator of your business performance. Since the most common reason for customer attrition is dissatisfaction with client support service, providing customer-focused services on an ongoing basis should not be overlooked. Customer service encompasses a range of services aimed to assist prospects in using and maintaining your product. In this vein, your ability to tackle these issues – to respond accordingly and troubleshoot when necessary – defines your talent to manage relationships.

Whenever your prospects have questions, your staff should be well-armed to respond promptly with accurate answers. If your service performs seamlessly, this keeps your prospects happy and encourages them to come back to your product again and again.

Putting it briefly, excellent client support is about:

Understanding customers' wants and needs;

Living up to clients’ expectations;

Exceeding prospects’ anticipations.

However, the advantages of delivering positive prospects’ experience go far beyond satisfying needs and gaining loyalty. Efficient client support is beneficial to your business, because it:

Builds up client retention and satisfaction rates;

Provides data for customer satisfaction survey;

Generates positive reputation for your business.

That is why, regardless of the scale and scope of your business, first-rate customer service should be at the heart of your business model.

What is efficient client support tool?

Now, that you recognize that client support is a must, you need a fast and cost-effective tool to handle your customer cases.


Such a solution is expected to strike a perfect balance of the following features:

Direct access to support staff;

Fast response;

Personalized approach;

A well-designed mechanism of preventive actions.

And this is where Salesforce with its cloud products take the stage.

Salesforce customer support

The Salesforce Service Cloud is a recognized forerunner for CRM solutions for faster problem solving and deeper clients’ engagement.

The Service Cloud provides smart one-to-one connection across multiple channels and on any device. While your agents make use of the streamlined, intuitive software, clients enjoy an outstanding support via any channel – phone, email, social media, or apps – all in real time from anywhere.


Salesforce is a smart solution for your ongoing business because it:

Supercharges agent’s productivity and curtails resolution time. Such features as email-to-case, skills-based routing, and milestone tracking help your agents handle customer cases quickly and efficiently, which improves customer satisfaction and reduces costs.

Facilitates self-service. Within the Service Cloud a self-service community is created, which allows customers to obtain useful information on your product, connect with peers, or contact a support agent if necessary.

Personalizes client service. Monitoring your customers’ social media behaviour enables you to foresee their needs, so that you can turn your regular client support into real customer engagement.

Provides visual reports, handy dashboards, and comprehensive analytics, which means more informed business decisions.

With all that said, Salesforce client support is a ready-fitted CRM tool for any businesses to deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized experience to each client.

How to get Salesforce Service Cloud?


WaveOC is a certified Salesforce expert delivering tailored cloud services to businesses across various industries. WaveOC specialists recognize specific needs of your business, implement Salesforce capacities and come up with a most efficient customized CRM solution.

WaveOC developers can integrate the Service Cloud directly into your existing solution. Furthermore, once the software deployment is complete, WaveOC offers all-level training for the users.

By opting for WaveOC, you will enjoy your customized feature-rich CRM to deliver high-end service and gain seamless customer experience you aspire to.

This is how WaveOC provides efficient tools helping you build connections and keep your prospects happy.

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