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Have you ever thought how important it is to execute the right migration to Salesforce in your company?
Have you ever thought how important it is to execute the right migration to Salesforce in your company?

Many businesses make a step towards Salesforce and fail because of poor Salesforce set-up and lack of User Adoption actions. The key problems a company faces while migrating to Salesforce:

    • Long-lasting Salesforce Migration which sometimes takes 6-12 months
    • Significant business losses during migration to Salesforce and adoption period because of long and inefficient set-up process
    • Often transition to Salesforce gets stuck in the middle which makes it impossible to operate business efficiently
    • Security issues and possible data loss
    • Poor User Adoption and high technology resistance rate
Have you ever thought how important it is to execute the right migration to Salesforce in your company?
The Right Migration to Salesforce is your business's solid foundation for future scaling up and growth
The Right Migration to Salesforce is your business's solid foundation for future scaling up and growth
The Right Migration to Salesforce is your business's solid foundation for future scaling up and growth

The Right Migration to Salesforce is not only rapid ROI results and boosting business efficiency, but also a 100% User Adoption and technology acceptance in your company. The Right Migration to Salesforce :

    • Solid Salesforce foundation for future business scaling-up
    • Fast and efficient Salesforce transition which surpasses your expectations
    • Result-oriented User Adoption strategy and actions which provide 100% Salesforce acceptance in your company
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After you fill in a short form we will call you back in the nearest time. We will have a quick kick-start conversation during which we will ask you the right questions to better understand your business needs. We will arrange the next detail-oriented meeting

Detailed meeting which takes place within 2 days of our initial call. During this meeting we make in-depth analysis of your business. We primary discuss key elements of the Salesforce migration process, such as migration scope, amount of users and licences in your organization. We arrange the presentation of the right migration to Salesforce for your business.

We discuss the project scope
We present you the right Migration to Salesforce for your business

During this meeting we provide you with all the necessary information about the project roadmap, timelines, duration and fixed project price which will remain same throughout the entire project execution.

Avolve Software
We’ve been working with WaveOC for the better part of 2 years now. We hired them originally as the Development Team for a new app we wanted to run on the platform. Since then they have become our “go-to guys” for our PlansAnywhere solution with Salesforce and for several other important projects at Avolve. WaveOC has proven itself to be a valuable asset – responsive, professional and easy to work with. Choosing and managing an offshore development partner can be daunting, but WaveOC is an example of the good things that can happen when it has to be done
WaveOC team have done great job in working with OMI on several applications. OMI does extensive work in the Cloud Customer Communicatons Management space. Salesforce is a key partner with our 366 Degrees Platform and we trust WaveOC to integrate between the services. OMI will continue to work with WaveOC in key integration points on the appexchange. OMI views the partnership as strategic and values the expertise Valery and team bring to our solution set. Looking forward to partnering and innovating on Cloud Services in this exciting space.
Manitowoc Foodservice
Our experience working with WaveOC has been very positive. They are staffed with experienced, energetic and innovative employees who have never failed to drive our projects to completion. They handle all situations that have arisen in a very professional and courteous manner and they’ve made every effort to solidify our mutually beneficial relationship. They often add to our projects a perspective we would not otherwise have and this has led to a more robust final product. To this end, we consider the company one of our most valued partners. We have no hesitation in recommending their work to others and, in fact, have been happy to do so on many occasions.
Adaptive Insights
Adaptive Insights
WaveOC Team has been a key contributor to our company success. Their ability to create simple solutions to solve complex problems is second to none. All the Team Members take great pride in their work, they are always detail oriented, and it shows high competency in Salesforce solutions implementation and Apex programming. Even in stressful situations they never loose site of the objective. I highly recommend WaveOC Team for any Salesforce related need.
Improved Telecom Solutions
Improved Telecom Solutions
I want to take this opportunity to thank WaveOC for help in customizing my Salesforce CRM. The work was completed ahead of the deadline agreed and the result was exactly what I was looking for. Production Team provided detailed updates on the project so I knew exactly what was going on. I have no hesitation in using WaveOC services again and I don't mind talking in person to anyone looking for a reference on their work
Nilsen Club
Nilsen Club
We chose WaveOC after months of evaluating the develeper who would tailor up the standard SalesForce functionality to what a modern travel club needs to perform. That's the computer telephony integration and e-mailing out-of-the-environment with all the SLA's one would need accounted for, CMS to CRM integration, our member Contacts' personal preferences record and its further consolidation, by-case profitability calculations and accounting. What we have seen was a professional approach to completely new tasks but with a solid portfolio of ready-to-be-deployed solutions. We are looking forward to the completion of all our tasks to progress further with the new projects in the pipeline with WaveOC.
Desert Bloom Productions
I cannot more emphatically recommend WaveOC. They are highly professional, completely responsive, and exceptionally helpful. They always go above and beyond your expectations. Their tireless effort will win you over the first day that you work with them, and you can expect that same effort throughout the duration of your entire project.
123 Postcards Dental Marketing
123 Postcards
Working with WaveOC has been a great help with our implementation. As our business evolved, it seemed that our technology requirements kept on getting more and more complex. What I like most about working with WaveOC Team is their ability to understand our business and brainstorm solutions that are concise and complete. In addition, they are dedicated to helping us realize real value in our business from the projects they work on. From systems integration to client facing dashboards, WaveOC have helped us solve complex problems with elegant solutions. Expertise and implementation is a difficult combination to find. That's what we've found in WaveOC.
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