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  • Salesforce Migration & Implementation
    Salesforce Migration & Implementation
    Salesforce Integration

    High scale companies often face data-related problems which lead to stagnation and lack of solid connection, which later might drive the decrease of sales level and work efficiency decay.

    With Salesforce implemented by WaveOC, your company can create a centralized automated network, where all the processes are streamlined and boosted.

    Application Integration

    Many companies might find it troublesome to integrate all their crucial data to one particular platform. That is why here at WaveOC we develop a wide array of custom business applications on specifically tailored to fit your unique IT infrastructure.

    A properly implemented Salesforce platform with custom applications tailored to your business needs, your business can reach a new level of efficiency and productivity

    Data Integration

    With multiple data sources that enterprise-level companies tend to utilize, the main business challenge becomes combining all of them into a single ecosystem. Precise matching of up-to-date information is paramount for dynamic analytics and efficient decision making.

    At WaveOC we are proficient in connecting third-party data into company's Salesforce CRM system.This in turn, enables you to gain a complete view and control over all of the external data. And now all of the data will be updated after every single edit and change.

  •  Management & Planning
    Management & Planning
    Business Planning

    With huge amount of information to work with, Enterprise-level companies are required to put extra effort in business planning in order to stay competitive in the dynamic market. With Salesforce® solutions from WaveOC you’ll always have a couple of aces up your sleeves, when it comes to management and planning.

    We develop agile enhancements for Salesforce CRM Platform that allow you to join the dots between operational and financial data, analyze and predict business scenarios and deliver an optimized data-driven business strategy. WaveOC is able to develop tools and extensions capable of tracking business planning methodologies, objectives, revenues, personal development and any other aspects that your Enterprise might require.

    Supply Chain Management

    Manage the entire supply chain process from order to procurement and increase your competitive advantage. WaveOC tailors each solution individually to provide integration and automation of the core processes and bring the most value to your business. Schedule and monitor the entire scope of supply chain activities from anywhere in the world, from any device

    WaveOC is capable of delivering highly scalable applications, specifically tailored to your business needs. Such apps will help you to handle extreme loads of data, while its feature-rich functionality will allow to boost the efficiency of the entire supply chain lifecycle. With WaveOC, your Enterprise can achieve improved, reliable service delivery at a reduced cost.

    Production Management

    Eliminate any unplanned downtime, reduce costs and gain complete visibility and tracking capabilities of the entire production process. WaveOC is capable of delivering customized solutions for managing all product-related information and activities, from work orders drafts to product complementation.

    Highly scalable and adaptive architecture of our management solutions provides absolute real-time visibility and capabilities to reach new levels of efficiency of the production process. Streamline the entire lifecycle and get your products on the market in a faster and more cost-efficient manner with a solution that was designed for your business

  • Marketing & Sales
    Marketing & Sales
    Marketing & Sales Automation

    Streamline lead generation and nurturing across all of your sales channels, improve customer relations with powerful Marketing Automation tools. Make your marketing department everything you ever wanted it to be and more with automated lead qualification and nurturing functionalities and marketing-oriented applications, tailored for your Enterprise. We provide full-cycle Salesforce® Implementation and Configuration, including that of Marketing Cloud. With WaveOC’s solution, you can significantly improve your Enterprise workflow by simply putting all the routine marketing and sales tasks on autopilot.

    Content & Social Media Marketing Management

    Dial your marketing management up to a maximum, establish strong online presence and brand awareness by utilizing powerful Salesforce extensions. By getting our team on-board, your Enterprise will secure a leading position in the industry. WaveOC enhances Enterprises social media performance by implementing powerful Salesforce analytic extensions. Monitor current trends and alter your content to capture your audience’s attention and build strong customer relationships. Our company delivers solutions of virtually any scale and complexity, while keeping the entire communication process completely transparent.

    CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

    With the Salesforce® platform optimized by WaveOC, you can ensure the accuracy of every single quote, proper approvals at every stage and absolute process transparency.

  • Custom Analytics
    Custom Analytics
    Product and Revenue Analysis

    As a certified Salesforce® Partner, WaveOC had years of experience in developing customized analytics solution for enterprise-level clients. Our advanced solutions cover virtually all company’s analytical needs, including product and revenue analysis.

    A custom analytics solution from WaveOC enables you to easily get a full up-to-date picture of your annual revenue and resources distribution.

    Sales and Service Analytics

    Enhance Analyticsl Cloud with custom tailored functionalities and configurations and get full control over business data in a single interface available on any device.

    From market performance to loyalty programs and beyond, our flexible solutions allow you to factor in every piece of information that you see necessary. Determine the most appropriate pricing in every situation and make informed time-sensitive decisions for your Enterprise.

    Competitive Intelligence

    WaveOC solutions allow you to receive all key data and market insights in real time in the form of user-friendly and interactive dashboards. Stay one step ahead of competitors and reach high business performance through powerful analytics tools.

    At WaveOC we develop modules and extensions for Enterprise Salesforce® CRM platform that allow you to accurately forecast business demand and determine the most appropriate pricing in every situation.

  • Business Process Optimization
    Business Process Optimization
    Salesforce Platform Optimization and Functional Extension

    Custom optimization and functionalities extension is a sure way to fully realize capabilities of Salesforce CRM Platform. With WaveOC’s apps and extensions, which will be tailored to suit your Enterprise best, you can enjoy Salesforce to its full potential.

    In tooday’s world, new technologies emerge every day, including more advanced Salesforce apps. At WaveOC, we make sure that our client’s Enterprise gets only top-of-the-line updates and extensions that will allow staying on top of the game.

    Salesforce Configuration and deployment

    Salesforce configuration helps you save time and resources on testing and customization for the platform’s updates and new releases. But your CRM Platform can be configured in a way that allows simple and fast handling of such processes, increasing results without overwhelming the system.

    Often Enterprises face the need of developing tailored solutions, but their in-house teams are not always capable of producing the desired set of functionalities. Nevertheless, a company would still step towards customizing and rebuilding the platform, while spending an enormous amount of resources, both financial and human, on a brand new interface. However, sometimes configuration can be a much better long-term solution, as it will not require constant rebuilds and further unnecessary tinkering.

  • Platform & Application Development
    Platform & Application Development
    Application and Web Development

    Through analyzing and assessing your current business model, we come up with most optimal development solutions that will ideally correspond to your Enterprise needs.

    Solutions delivered by WaveOC combine virtually limitless scalability together with great flexibility. We can develop a unique set of applications that will help your business to fully realize the maximum potential of the Salesforce CRM Platform.

    Our in-depth expertise allows us to build systems that minimize risks and maximize capabilities, providing every single of your employees with tools necessary to be 100% efficient.

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