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Salesforce Planning for Business

Salesforce Planning for Business

For running a successful business, planning is paramount. As this stage is essential, so demanding the task can be.

When thinking about a business plan, we’re likely to imagine piles of spreadsheets with estimated revenues and expenses. Indeed, most companies still stick to old-fashioned planning solutions and use word docs and tables to make up business plans. Trying to sync all those spreadsheets within a business community – with all its manual revisions which are inevitable – is a time-consuming process that can turn into a real headache, if not a nightmare.

What is more, in most cases such an approach to planning and forecasting is completely detached from real-time performance management. In the end, once finalized, the annual budget and sales plans become obsolete.

Proactive management requires an all-encompassing plan with the targets set, actions defined and outcomes tracked. To develop a fit-to-purpose business plan, you’re to embrace various aspects, such as key metrics, risks, opportunities, performance, and many others. Without a manageable centralized data system, a business plan is deprived of velocity and effectiveness. And while static and rigid, it doesn’t reflect customer demands or adjustments in response to changes.

In today’s ever-changing environment, your enterprise needs up-to-the-minute insights from all the data sources to associate objectives with performance. Fortunately, there’s a solution which transforms planning into a fluid interactive process. To manage planning and forecasting, front-rank companies choose Salesforce.


How Salesforce platform helps in business planning?


Salesforce Wave Analytics is a cloud-based platform designed for performance management to deliver competitive sales, service and marketing.

This next-generation software links data from multiple sources and creates interactive dashboards that can be easily shared within a business community. In such a way, your team members can survey the data and take appropriate actions instantly from any device.

With Salesforce Planning and Forecase features, once you’ve got an all-round vision of your strategic goals, you can design tactical programs to achieve these objectives. Then, within these detailed action plans, you assign tasks and keep your staff accountable. As a result, you can prioritize and optimize profitable revenue streams and allocate your team efforts across the most profitable projects.

In one word, Salesforce provides the answers to the basic questions: WHO does WHAT, HOW, WHERE and WHEN, thus allowing you to follow all types of objectives, track activities and timelines and generate forecasts to ensure successful business management.

Given the data you need to hit your targets and tracking your business performance, you can subsequently generate accurate forecasts. While the platform enables you to identify a new business opportunity based on trending customer insights, Salesforce forecast features help you dynamically adjust your plans and allocate resources to pursue it.


To crown it all, Salesforce product brings the following great opportunities for planning and forecasting:

It serves as a single source of up-to-date data integrating your team and customers;

It offers smooth data manageability, including secure storage, real-time access, as well as rapid search and share speed – all that enables efficient team collaboration;

It provides an easy way to manage your missions, goals, strategies, and timelines, to align resources with strategic objectives, and to track your team performance. All this makes it the ultimate toolbox for observing and monitoring your business;

It builds interactive dashboards with charts and hierarchy images, delivering the snapshot of your progress, so that you could spot the weak points and address them before it’s too late, as well as to uncover new opportunities;

It’s intuitive and mobile-friendly software with ample customization features.

How to choose Salesforce for planning?


Now that you’ve set your mind to greater operational agility and tighter teamwork, you need a reliable software developer to deliver you this perfect Salesforce solution.

WaveOC is here to help you advance to robust business with a dynamic and data-driven approach to planning, forecast and performance management.

WaveOC is a certified Salesforce expert offering tailored cloud services to companies across various industry verticals. WaveOC specialists identify your necessities, implement Salesforce capacities and develop a most efficient CRM solution for your company.

With Salesforce cloud platform, you get up-to-date view of your pipeline and comprehensive analytics, which empowers you to plan your next step better, act quickly and decisively.

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