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Marketing with Salesforce: Building Customer Loyalty

Why keep customers loyal?

Since it’s fairly more challenging to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, customer loyalty is the key to stable business in any industry. With that in mind, delivering what you've promised and providing impeccable after-sales service are fundamental.

However, great products and services are not enough to keep customers loyal. Capturing the hearts of your customers is possible only provided you offer personalized customer experiences. A purchase shouldn’t be the end of your relationship with a first-time customer – you should connect to your customer over time and on a regular basis, whether it’s through scheduled emails, social media discussions, or a phone call for B2B relationships. Consistency is paramount for inspiring customer loyalty.

In today's hyper-connected world, where every customer interaction matters, Salesforce offers a powerful marketing tool enabling you to personalize experiences across marketing, sales, and service through all channels – email, mobile, social, advertising, and the Web.


How does Marketing Cloud build customer loyalty?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a user-friendly digital marketing platform that implements drag-and-drop method and empowers businesses with the following features.

Dynamic customer journey mappingDue to cross-channel interaction enabled by Salesforce, you can build and automate customer journeys, connect your apps, products, and spaces to them, anddeliver seamless experiences across marketing, sales, and service at every customer touchpoint.

Efficient audience segmentation With Marketing Cloud, you move from managing complex data to building relationships by creating a one-view detailed portrait of each customer profile with information from any source. You can quickly spot customer trends and market opportunities, and further target specific audiences, based on their behavioral and predicted attributes.

Engaging personalization With predictive intelligence provided by the Salesforce marketing tool, which collects implicit and explicit customer data, you can automatically tailor content, generate personalized messages and configure product recommendations for every single individual.

Intelligent analytics While observing your customer behavior in real time across every channel, you can uncover patterns and insights, and respond appropriately at the moment when it matters most. The platform allows tracking project data and measuring campaign results, as well as viewing them in smart reports and interactive dashboards that can be easily shared across the organization.


How can your business benefit from marketing with Salesforce?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers businesses of any size. While such international companies, like L’Oréal USA and Nestlé, use the Salesforce platform to keep their brand reps and retailers around the globe connected, small businesses can apply this marketing automation tool to coordinate operations and better engage with customers, too. Marketing Cloud lets you get to know your customers better and therefore plan, personalize and optimize their customer journey, thus fine-tuning and boosting your business strategy.

WaveOC will develop a robust marketing tool for your company to keep track of your customers’experiences, so that you could tailor your business methods to their preferences. With the professionally designed Marketing Cloud, you can deliver the right message via the right channel at the exactly right moment. In cooperation with WaveOC, you can bring relevance into your client relations and inspire amazing customer loyalty.

WaveOC is an experienced provider of Salesforce web services that is ready to help you connect to your customer in a wholesome and meaningful way. The company is a certified Salesforce vendor delivering tailored cloud solutions to any business.

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