Our Salesforce Technical Support

Salesforce® administration is an ongoing activity that continues until the end of the software lifecycle. Our support engineers are licensed specialists with know-how skills of both software and hardware. They are interested in coding and are eager to discover new ways of dealing with system issues.

Salesforce® technical support engineers do the following:

  • Set up the system;
  • Maintain the software and provide technical support;
  • Manage accounts and databases;
  • Train users and produce documentation;
  • Build custom reports and dashboards.
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Salesforce Administration Requirements and Specifics

It's in the hands of technical administrators to make everyone's job in the company easy and productive. They work in cooperation with engineers and developers, listen to stakeholders and address their issues in a timely manner.

Our Administration Specifics


Our system administrators are masters of custom system setup. They set to work at the final development stage and ensure successful working implementation.


We place great importance on security of data and access control for different categories of users.

Data quality.

Our database administrators manage data input, present data on custom dashboards and in reports as well as monitor, import and export data and use data cleansing tools to prevent and fix errors.

Our Advantages

We do our best job at serving companies from different backgrounds, particular strength in enterprise-level business management software.

Top notch business expertise.

Our support and administration team understands client’s business specifics, and managers and consultants always stress the importance of such understanding.

Outstanding communication skills.

The aim of administrators is not only to deal with issues, but also to teach system users and communicate crucial information to developers, clients and management team;

Strong analytical and engineering background.

With vast experience, Salesforce® customer support team is aware of possible issues and prevents them early on.

Our Support Team

We invest in professional development and certification of our administrators, pursuing such Salesforce® qualifications as:

  • Certified Administrators;
  • Certified Advanced Administrators.

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