What we do?

To enjoy a broad range of capabilities, the cloud-based platform should be integrated with customized Salesforce1™ Mobile App, as well as with email applications and in-house analytics. A variety of available on-demand integrations can be much wider, especially with custom middleware connectors and industry-specific features developed upon the request of our customers.

Sales Cloud® is a solid and all-inclusive solution with a user-friendly workflow. It was designed to simplify and streamline business processes, although it still needs a reasonable measure of technical support at the setup stage. This is a crucial part of our expertise on every Sales Cloud® project on the Salesforce Platform™, as well as long-term support for delivered projects.

Photo: Sales Cloud

Work with our clients

The Salesforce Platform™ lies in the foundation of large-scale enterprise systems that spread across continents, rely on multiple databases and enable access for thousands of users. WaveOC is an established developer and integrator of Salesforce®. We know better practices of business and make them an integral part of our work.

Components and features

Sales Cloud® is a flagman Salesforce® solution, and it is being constantly updated with new features for sales pipeline optimization, data management, team performance and collaboration in the cloud. It can be supplied with an ample quantity of extra tools and features, like Pardot solution for marketing automation, the Chatter® service for team collaboration and communication, or clean and clear up-to-date sales data from Data.com®.

The next level of functionality can be laid up on the platform as a part of the Salesforce® development project. Sales Cloud® is a very flexible solution, but the diversity of businesses and processes may require additional components and user experiences.

Some of these tools are:

Salesforce1™ Lightning, a new way of presenting user interface that makes it faster, smarter and user-friendly. It is an innovative cloud solution providing simple drag-and-drop building blocks for unique apps design.

Sales Wave Analytics®, a smart instrument designed for easy launch with the least amount of required customization. It is scalable, adjustable and highly adaptable to market changes.

Resulting Indicators

We judge ourselves based on the level of success that we have accomplished with each single client. So in order to adequately analyze our results, we ask our customers to provide us with some feedback, after the implementation of our solutions. And here are some numbers.

From the surveys that we have distributed among our clients for whom the Sales Cloud was implemented, we’ve gathered that there are cases for which over time:

  • Rate of Follow-Up Contacts can go as high as 135%
  • Lead Response Time may be dropped by 41%
  • Rate of Contacts can rise by 54%
  • And the Number of Days to Closure falls by 37%


With Sales Cloud®, WaveOC nailed customer relationship management in the cloud. Why is it called a top CRM solution?

Data insights

Custom reports and dashboards provide important information on the fly, and Sales Forecasting gives a big picture of team success.

Productivity boost.

This is the main and the most solid reason why companies implement cloud-based CRM systems.

Sales automation.

Business processes automation is the key to better performance, and we'll help you to maximize it.