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Business challenge:

WaveOC team was to develop a product claims and registrations gathering application.

The client has business in selling equipment to restaurants and groceries. The company has a list of products supported by a warranty policy. There should be a way to register each product purchase as well as setup and gather warranty claims from restaurants and groceries in case of any troubles. Employees already use Salesforce as a CRM tool.


Product registration and claims collecting solution implementation

WaveOC team implemented a product registration and claims collecting solution with a help of Salesforce Community and Custom Visualforce pages (with company’s colors and unique UI). Each acquired product can be registered on a separate Visualforce page that can be accessed without authentication.

Custom application functionality implementation

The solution provides feature-rich functionality to manage product claims and registrations. Once a system administrator approves registration, a requestor becomes an end user and receives an email with a link to the community self-registration page. End users (who are actually new owners of the registered equipment) are able to access the community portal and submit a claim for a purchased item. Once the claim is submitted, its status can be tracked by the requestor on the portal until it is resolved. System also checks whether the product is already registered or not in order to avoid duplicates.

Business value

The process of product registration/claim submission and processing is clear and transparent for both company’s employees and purchasers. Products and related claims are presented as records in the database, so company’s employees are able to build reports based on related information.

  • Effective claims and registrations processing;
  • Improved customer service management.

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