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Business challenge:

We were to build a data change capture and approval application.

The client experienced challenges to create and edit specific records on Salesforce. Standard approval process didn’t meet client’s needs, since end user should not see that some system actions are restricted. Employees were to be divided into profiles, public groups or marked as individual users. Additionally, there was no way for system administrators to define approval settings through an easy Wizard.


Data change capture and approval AWS-hosted application development

WaveOC team built a data change capture and approval AWS-hosted solution as a Salesforce Unmanaged Package. It can be installed to any Salesforce Instance and configured within a couple of minutes.

Wizard approval settings implementation

Through an easy wizard covering all possible cases, company’s system administrators can define approvers and restricted users as profiles, public groups or individual users. They can also set an approval process for objects entirely or for particular records based on specific attributes.

Business value

The application enables to create records and edit records for restricted objects without any visible indication that something is forbidden - records are just created as a layer in the system. It allows end users to work with records without waiting for approval.

  • Effective data change capture and approval processing;
  • Workflow optimization.

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