What we do?

Salesforce CRM for SMB can be a great start for a local company or an aspiring startup planning to go big. It is important to begin with professional Salesforce consulting to make sure we deliver right solution for the right case.

We offer implementation, integration and customization of small or medium business CRM systems based on the Salesforce software. A company can decide between a smaller, out-of-the-box solution and a customizable system that fits its business processes. Both solutions can be integrated with a mobile app, a mailing service or a Chrome extension, as well as with more complex and specialized systems.

After the implementation is successfully completed, our clients can rely on a part-time system administrator or learn basics of managing the system on their own through user training. There is no need for full-time administrator support in small-scale projects, but it can be required in the future. Anyway, customized systems might need an additional level of support.

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Work with our clients

The Salesforce Platform™ lies in the foundation of large-scale enterprise systems that spread across continents, rely on multiple databases and enable access to thousands of users. WaveOC is an established developer and integrator of Salesforce®. We know better practices of business and make them an integral part of our work.

Components and features

The idea of a cloud-based CRM system is startup-friendly by its nature. It gives an opportunity for small and medium companies to get rid of costly in-house server architecture and its support. By choosing Salesforce small and medium-sized business owners can expand their partner and customer base and raise brand awareness in the market.

Salesforce has options for small and medium-sized business owners that can fit any budget and, with proper administration and customization, become a stepping stone for ambitious business launch. Another option is to leverage advantages of being a local business with less broad-scale CRM solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce has a number of products specifically tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises:

Small and Medium Business Solutions suite. It is a feature-rich sales platform with reasonable pricing per user. It can be customized and scaled up.

SalesforceIQ for Small and Medium Business. This is a lightweight CRM that WaveOC specialists can integrate with client’s business tools.

Resulting Indicators

We judge ourselves based on the level of success that we have accomplished with each single client. So in order to adequately analyze our results, we ask our customers to provide us with some feedback, after the implementation of our solutions. And here are some numbers.

The globalized market becomes tougher on small businesses each year, therefore we provide Salesforce services that bring actual results:

  • Improvement in Revenue Growth Rate of up to 33%
  • Average New Deal Size is reportedly increased by 44%
  • Funnel Drop-Off Rate dropped down to 7%


What are advantages of Salesforce for small and medium-sized businesses?


Salesforce for SMBs can help companies stay ahead of the technology curve and compete with industry leaders.


It's easy for SMBs to grow big with Salesforce by upgrading software package and developing custom features.

Control over sales.

Customer relationship management is the most important aspect of a thriving business.