New opportunities to expand your impact

Nonprofit Starter Pack from Salesforce® is a userfriendly featurerich application that solves basic nonprofit needs. This includes efficient project management, sustained community engagement, and actionable analytics.

When your inhouse database falls short to provide uptodate information, when your Facebook group fails to support your community goals, and a third party finance system is no longer trusted – when offtheshelf packages do not work, Salesforce® offers a powerful, flexible and reliable tool for you to deliver your nonprofit mission at scale.

Get a full picture of your nonprofit

Unite activists on common goals. Manage your contacts and relationships with supporters around the world. Track every interaction with your team members, funders and volunteers.

Engage your community

Your supporters should no longer be passive observers. Connecting with each other, keeping up with news and events, they can get more involved with your mission and become part of the solution you deliver. Engage your constituents over different channels and let them contribute to your movement.

Identify the value of your work

Harness the power of data. Analyze the outcome of your programs. Which services have the biggest impact, what are the gaps? Quickly access realtime data and detailed reports with graphic representations for effective decisionmaking. Allocate resources and prioritize activities efficiently.

Supercharge your productivity

Salesforce® is a platform that can be continuously upgraded. Take advantage of other Salesforce® solutions to support every aspect of your organization. Automate internal processes and make more time to focus on what really matters.

Advantages of Salesforce® solutions for NGOs


Move from multiple databases and tools to one single cloud system. Manage members and volunteers, track donors and measure program outcomes withone single tool.


Become a wellconnected nonprofit . Search, find and share information, discuss projects and collaborate on opportunities more effectively – all in real time.


Built for the generation of mobile, social, and cloud technologies, Salesforce® solutions provide access to all project data from any computer or mobile device at any time.

WaveOC helps nonprofits implement Salesforce® for a better future


We finetune Salesforce® products according to the needs of your nonprofit sector.


We align the Salesforce® platform with peripheral systems if necessary to leverage your existing data.


We extend software functionality to provide additional features, such as email marketing, business intelligence and others.

Resulting Indicators

We judge ourselves based on the level of success that we have accomplished with each single client. So in order to adequately analyze our results, we ask our customers to provide us with some feedback, after the implementation of our solutions. And here are some numbers.

Nonprofits have their own unique KPIs to show the effectiveness of Salesforce solutions. Our nonprofit clients have kindly shared these numbers, that some of them have gathered after successful run of Salesforce:

  • Increase in Donor Retention Rate of up to 47%
  • Overall new Donor Growth as high as 30%
  • Donation Growth reported to rise to 57%
  • Cases with boost in the Recruitment Rate by 50%
  • Online Gift Percentage raise of up to 44%
  • Pledge Fulfillment Percentage increases of aprox. 52%
  • And some clients responded that a Fundraising ROI was up by 36%