What we do?

WaveOC uses a variety of tools and resources, including simple "building blocks" provided by the Force.com® suite to build native iOS apps. We can customize and develop full-fledged apps in line with client’s business and organizational specifics.

Salesforce® mobile development includes back-end app integration with the platform. App integration with a client’s CRM system ensures immediate access to sales details or customer information. In such a way, we help our clients manage sales online, even when the agent is out of the office, or create life-saving reports on the fly.

Photo: Mobile apps for business

Work with our clients

The Salesforce Platform™ lies in the foundation of large-scale enterprise systems that spread across continents, rely on multiple databases and enable access for thousands of users. WaveOC is an established developer and integrator of Salesforce®. We know better practices of business and make them an integral part of our work.

Components and features

Building apps is easy with a number of tools at developers' disposal. The choice of technology depends on the desired level of customization.

Salesforce® gives its administrators the power to create and customize a mobile solution in several easy steps and roll out relevant functionalities. Our support team has skills and talents to implement customization in line with client’s business needs and requirements.

Salesforce® has a number of products specifically tailored for mobile apps:

Mobile CRM is a primary platform for developing Salesforce® apps. It ensures access to CRM data from any device and serves as a foundation for apps and features that can be built on its basis, from operations management to customer-oriented apps.

Salesforce1™ Mobile SDK is the next technology suite to create custom business apps in Salesforce®. It provides developers with tools for creation of a new ecosystem for different apps.

Salesforce1™ Mobile App is a universal solution from Salesforce® that can be customized, adjusted and integrated with various components, such as Sales Cloud®, Community Cloud™, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud™.

Resulting Indicators

We judge ourselves based on the level of success that we have accomplished with each single client. So in order to adequately analyze our results, we ask our customers to provide us with some feedback, after the implementation of our solutions. And here are some numbers.

Mobile Solutions from WaveOC can bring more than you might think at first. In today’s world the mobility should not be underestimated. From our surveys we’ve managed to determine that such solutions may bring:

  • Employee Satisfaction as high as 149%
  • Increased Response Time of up to 57%
  • And a reported positive impact on overall Employee Communication


Enterprise mobile applications are a powerful tool for both managers and employees at many successful companies, and they are an important component of any business software suite. Salesforce® mobile integration advantages include:


Files, tasks and messages can be easily shared among team members right from a smartphone.


CRM mobile users can access files and records from any place and at any time.


A personal feed enables to set, monitor and prioritize daily tasks as well as track operations and contracts.