Medium business

Whether growing, restructuring or competing in the marketplace, your mid-market business faces challenges that require a timely and proper response.

With fewer resources compared to their larger counterparts, middle-market businesses need to address such issues as increasing productivity and building customer satisfaction while keeping maintenance and technical support costs down.

Salesforce® offers remedy solutions for the growing pains of a mid-market company.

These encompass powerful cloud-based CRM tools and services with features like contact and opportunity management, lead generation, sales forecasting and reporting, workflow automation, collaboration and much more.

Medium business

Salesforce® capabilities that contribute to bottom line growth

Unlimited scalability

Run your business faster and smarter as you grow. With a multitenant approach and with no specific hardware or software, Salesforce® solutions can be scaled smoothly and quickly.

Efficient data management

Instead of digging through emails and spreadsheets, quickly find the information you need – from contacts to sales reports – in a centralized hub. Save your valuable time to focus on strategic issues.

Advanced strategic planning

Plan with value in mind and hit bigger numbers with Account Planning. Define development initiatives and activities, set goals and timelines, uncover opportunities and identify risks. Track revenue against each target and leverage custom layouts to visualize your plan.

Medium business

Great opportunities for mid-market business

Maximize customer value

Salesforce® CRM brings a single view of your customer to your fingerprints. Now you can build deeper relationships with your customers and keep up with their evolving demands, providing a tailored customer experience at every touch point.

Boost sales productivity

Accelerate your pipelines and focus on closing deals with Sales Cloud. This out-of-the-box solution for proactive sales provides strong insights that enable you to prioritize opportunities and respond immediately, rather than stalling while analyzing this and that.

Communicate and collaborate anywhere, anytime

Connect to your employees, partners, and customers on any device. Due to the the cloud technology, you can use Salesforce® apps and services wherever you are.

Medium business

WaveOC helps middle-market business navigate the choppy waters of growth


We adjust Salesforce® applications to fit your unique business needs.


We bring your third-party systems and apps together on the Salesforce® platform to ensure a cohesive workflow.


We maintain steady functionality and provide technical support for your Salesforce® solutions.

Resulting Indicators

We judge ourselves based on the level of success that we have accomplished with each single client. So in order to adequately analyze our results, we ask our customers to provide us with some feedback, after the implementation of our solutions. And here are some numbers.

Medium businesses are in a spot where they can’t afford the leisure of large enterprises and should still maintain regular growth while keeping the costs down. That’s why WaveOC provides Salesforce services that systematically bring:

  • Overall Cost Reduction of up to 21%
  • Boost in Customer satisfaction as high as 30%
  • And cases with a ROI (return on investments) of 225%

By getting WaveOC on board, you don’t just get a one-time deal with a group of professionals that can boost some of your processes. But rather you start a lifetime partnership with a team that cherishes your values and you can always count on. We are not just providing you with our services, we bring almost a decade of experience and everything that comes with it. That is why our Net Promoter Score stands 70% higher than regular industry indicators. We thrive when you thr