Our Salesforce Testing Services

Salesforce® quality assurance engineers have a complicated and demanding task on their hands. To efficiently manage risks, they put much effort into writing comprehensive tests, implementing smarter strategies and prioritizing software requirements.

Our quality assurance services are an inherent part of software development and deployment. To provide them on a full scale, we do the following:

  • Perform unit testing at the development stage;
  • Provide dedicated manual and automated QA teams;
  • Identify bottlenecks of possible integration;
  • Organize functional testing of business processes;
  • Improve user performance.
Photo: Salesforce Quality Assurance

Salesforce QA Requirements and Specifics

The most important requirement in Salesforce® testing is workability of the system and its compliance with standards and requirements. Quality assurance at development and implementation stages as well as in a production environment is fundamental to validate that all requirements and needs are met and the system is ready to serve its purpose.

Our QA Specifics

Scope and Acceptance.

Our quality assurance specialists help you control the scope of the project and avoid scope creep. They maintain narrow focus on project goals and requirements both at the outset and in progress, which eliminates the risk of deviation from the pre-defined budget and schedule.

Test Coverage.

With professionalism of our unit test programmers, at least 95% of new code is covered by QA activities before going into a production environment.

End-To-End Testing.

Our QA experts check the system in a real-life scenario and make sure it operates as expected. We revise a complete system and troubleshoot problems before a product is provided for client’s acceptance.

Our Advantages

We do our best job at serving companies from different backgrounds, particular strength in enterprise-level business management software.

Right Priorities.

We ensure that the most important QA activities are carried out in the first place.

Continuous testing.

We run tests continuously, especially on larger projects. It helps to streamline software development cycle, prevent potential issues and, if happen, eliminate them as early as possible.

Smart Automation.

Our QA team is excellent at writing automated tests and creating proper QA environments.

Our QA Team

The Salesforce® QA team at WaveOC has skilled and highly trained specialists on board.

  • Skilled APEX developers;
  • Consulting experts with a comprehensive vision of the system;
  • Highly qualified software QA experts;
  • Responsible dedicated project managers.

By getting WaveOC on board, you don’t just get a one-time deal with a group of professionals that can boost some of your processes. But rather you start a lifetime partnership with a team that cherishes your values and you can always count on. We are not just providing you with our services, we bring almost a decade of experience and everything that comes with it. That is