Our Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce® is a reasonable choice of thousands of businesses. Before Salesforce® implementation happens, the deployment configuration has to be adjusted to the business environment and thoroughly tested. A partially automated setup is possible for an off-the-shelf system, but a custom system requires much more than mere installation.

WaveOC responsibilities in implementation include the following activities:

  • Collect business and system requirements;
  • Create implementation roadmap and project specifications;
  • Implement and engineer connectors and interfaces;
  • Ensure successful system integration in the client’s environment.
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Salesforce Implementation Requirements and Specifics

Crafting an essential business software system is a complex task that requires patience, experience and high qualification of integration engineers. Numerous parameters should be taken into account with proper attention.

Our Implementation Specifics

Testing and Quality Assurance.

A newly deployed system has to be tested. Our experienced QA team provides massive test coverage that will mitigate risks of deployment.

Easy migration.

If migration from a less developed platform is planned, we apply essentially the same procedure as in case of realization on a clear slate.

Comprehensive Automation.

Our services imply industry- and environment-specific automation of business processes at all levels.

Control and administration.

In an elaborated software environment users have different roles, statuses and access levels, and we pay maximum attention to them.

Our Advantages

We do our best job at serving companies from different backgrounds, particular strength in enterprise-level business management software.


Our specialists have been working with industry leading systems for many years.


A A large number of similar projects provided us with necessary background on handling specific Salesforce® capacities.

Orientation on business needs.

Our aim is to make sure client’s business is flourishing after Salesforce® implementation.

Our Implementation Team

Our Salesforce® implementation team consists of:

  • Highly trained network engineers;
  • Database architects and developers;
  • Software developers with remarkable experience;
  • Professional integrators.

By getting WaveOC on board, you don’t just get a one-time deal with a group of professionals that can boost some of your processes. But rather you start a lifetime partnership with a team that cherishes your values and you can always count on. We are not just providing you with our services, we bring almost a decade of experience and everything that comes with it. That is why our Net Promoter Score stands 70% higher than regular industry indicators. We thrive when you thrive.

With over 7 years of experience and extensive technological resources, we are more than capable of immediate problem solving that can bring the most value to your business. We offer top of the line Salesforce solutions that are tailored specifically to serve your corporate goal, without imposing extra features and services that you won’t require.

We’ve been on this market for quite a while and it allowed us to come up with one working process that our clients can put their trust in and always get the results that they are expecting. Moreover, as a world-renowned Salesforce service provider with the reputation to uphold, we can ensure only the best customer service and work ethics. And if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the work done – full money-back guarantee.

Here at WaveOC, we stay on top of the technology game. We utilize only the most modern and effective solutions to stay competitive on the market, so as our client, you can always rest assured that the Salesforce solution you received, regardless of the area of implementation, will function like clockwork. And you can always count on us improving upon our previous job.

Your time is money, and we understand that. That is why at WaveOC we don’t waste the precious resource and start working from day 1. Our project completion speed is 73% above of the industry average. And our extensive experience on the market and dedicated approach allow us to get into virtually any project and improve ourselves as a team and elevate the success of our clients.

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