Our Salesforce Development Services

The ecosystem has everything a business needs. But all businesses are unique, and there are special needs as well. WaveOC is well-equipped to handle any requests from a client, and our technical expertise extends far beyond daily situations.

Salesforce® development is carried out as a number of activities:

  • Analyze requirements and technical challenges;
  • Design the best solution the company's workflow and support it with specifications;
  • Build hardware and software architecture for data storage and processing;
  • Develop modules or middleware for the cloud platform and its components;
  • Implement all needed integration stages to create failure proof connection and effective communication;
  • Test and deploy the system.
Photo: Salesforce Development

Salesforce Development Requirements and Specifics

The Salesforce Platform™ lies in the foundation of large-scale enterprise systems that spread across continents, rely on multiple databases and enable access for thousands of users.

Our Development Specifics


Merging with other companies results in integration with a completely different set of tools and apps. We develop solutions that can be scaled up seamlessly.

Variety of business processes.

Sales, marketing, quality control, resource management can be streamlined and measured as a part of a unified CRM platform with customized modules and integrations.

High level of automation.

Automation eliminates human factor as the most common source of mistakes.

Our Advantages

We do our best job at serving companies from different backgrounds, particular strength in enterprise-level business management software.


We build unique solutions around Salesforce® development platform, and the level of customization we can handle is impressive.

International experience.

We have already delivered custom solutions on the CRM platform for a variety of international projects.

Competence at integrations.

We prepare the platform for use with any third party apps, from most common office utilities to highly specialized apps.

Our Development Team

As a Salesforce® certified developer, WaveOC has a team of excellent professionals at its disposal.

  • Specialized and skillful Java/APEX program developers;
  • API developers with experience on the most complex projects;
  • Accomplished system architects;
  • Network engineers specializing in Salesforce® development;
  • Web user interface developers.

By getting WaveOC on board, you don’t just get a one-time deal with a group of professionals that can boost some of your processes. But rather you start a lifetime partnership with a team that cherishes your values and you can always count on. We are not just providing you with our services, we bring almost a decade of experience and everything tha