Our Salesforce Consulting Services

The job of a consulting specialist is to define the best configuration for implementation based on environment and the nuances of the client's operations. They provide a thoughtful and experience-based answers to any questions related to the cloud technologies.

Trained and certified consulting experts at WaveOC offer their skills and knowledge for an all-inclusive range of services:

  • Supply technical and economic expertise in cloud capacities;
  • Provide sufficient information to proceed with development and integration;
  • Identify and outline possible problems;
  • Lay out a roadmap for platform implementation;
  • Explain complicated IT environment to managers and employees.
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Salesforce Consulting Requirements and Specifics

The Salesforce platform™ lies in the foundation of large-scale enterprise systems that spread across continents, rely on multiple databases and enable access for thousands of users. WaveOC is an established developer, integrator and consulting expert in cloud-based solutions . We know better practices of business and make them an integral part of our work.

Our Consulting Specifics

Strategic thinking

The right frame of mind precedes the design of a highly efficient cloud-based platform implementation that ensures high level of customer engagement.


The main objective of the system is to help command and control operations and measure performance of key business indicators.


Fully customized functionalities and interfaces expand business opportunities and streamline activities.

Our Advantages

We do our best job at serving companies from different backgrounds, particular strength in enterprise-level business management software.

Strong focus.

Our main area of competence are mid-market and enterprise e-commerce projects that require automation and integration.

Business-oriented goals.

We move clients toward success in their business with our cutting-edge cloud solutions.

Smooth operations.

Our engineers implement cloud-based solutions that ensure best service delivery backed by explicit consulting. As a result, companies enjoy increased customer loyalty and reduced operation expenses.

Our Consulting Team

Salesforce® consulting services provided by WaveOC are carried out by certified specialists in several areas of competence.

  • Sales Cloud® consultants
  • Service Cloud® consultants
  • Pardot consultants

By getting WaveOC on board, you don’t just get a one-time deal with a group of professionals that can boost some of your processes. But rather you start a lifetime partnership with a team that cherishes your values and you can always count on. We are not just providing you with our services, we bring almost a decade of experience and everything that comes with it. That is why our Net Promoter Score stands 70% higher than regular industry indicators. We thrive when you thrive.

With over 7 years of experience and extensive technological resources, we are more than capable of immediate problem solving that can bring the most value to your business. We offer top of the line Salesforce solutions that are tailored specifically to serve your corporate goal, without imposing extra features and services that you won’t require.

We’ve been on this market for quite a while and it allowed us to come up with one working process that our clients can put their trust in and always get the results that they are expecting. Moreover, as a world-renowned Salesforce service provider with the reputation to uphold, we can ensure only the best customer service and work ethics. And if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the work done – full money-back guarantee.

Here at WaveOC, we stay on top of the technology game. We utilize only the most modern and effective solutions to stay competitive on the market, so as our client, you can always rest assured that the Salesforce solution you received, regardless of the area of implementation, will function like clockwork. And you can always count on us improving upon our previous job.

Your time is money, and we understand that. That is why at WaveOC we don’t waste the precious resource and start working from day 1. Our project completion speed is 73% above of the industry average. And our extensive experience on the market and dedicated approach allow us to get into virtually any project and improve ourselves as a team and elevate the success of our clients.

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