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Business challenge:

Company provides services in Traveling sector – they are selling skiing and snowboarding tours. We need to build a solution that allows End Customer (who purchases a trip) to share via personal accounts in social networks the appropriate information about a trip to promote Client’s services in order to receive commission.


Salesforce integration with Twitter and Facebook was offered and implemented to post specific events to news feed:

  • ability to manage own Twitter/FB account;
  • compose and post messages directly from Salesforce instance;
  • post specific events from Salesforce instance to connected account’s feed.

In addition, it is possible to create Events according trips at Custom Portal where End Customer is able to login after the purchase succeeds (At the same time this person becomes a Team Leader).

From that Custom Portal End Customer is able to post event information to personal Facebook feed to invite potential Team Members. Team Leader gets a discount for each Team Member is joining the trip. Information about the quantity of Team Members and the appropriate discount value is shown as well on the Custom Portal.

Business value

Reduction in expenses on advertising and increase of sales by using alternative sources (in our case – social networks).

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