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Business challenge:

Company is an independently owned creative agency with a digital core. For internal workflow Redmine is used. Client would like to integrate it with Salesforce instance, that is used for tracking sells related information, to gather and process specific information related to current projects. In general – to improve the entire quality of services and speed-up the workflow.


Salesforce with Redmine integration to have complete visibility over a Redmine project in Salesforce.

  • Labour costs for a Redmine project;
  • Approximate estimates for each project;
  • Related expenses for a Redmine project.

Once a project has started, or even in the tendering process Salesforce tracks hours and expenses against the Redmine project.

Business value

The complete visibility over all Redmine projects within Salesforce including:

  • Profitability/losses on commissioned projects;
  • Losses on tendered projects that did not eventuate;
  • KPI for each project.

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