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Business challenge:

Client's document workflow is based on Google Documents. We need a solution to connect Client's Salesforce instance with Google Drive. In addition it should be possible to share files between non- and Salesforce Client's Staff Users. Solution should be easily applied to any Salesforce instance and have user-friendly UI.


Two-way integration between Google Drive storage and Salesforce instance was implemented via application package. Works with standard and custom apps, allows to manage all the documents on Google Drive within Salesforce. Also when any type of object record is created the appropriate folder is being set, the same behaviour occurs when you change the file name – folder name is being changed automatically. It is possible to predetermine folders hierarchy for each object as well.

Business value

File sharing process optimization that allows to keep using Google Documents and avoid migrating to any other cloud storage service. In addition current solution is more cost effective than buying additional storage in Salesforce.

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