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Business challenge:

Company has 2 departments where the different platforms are used: SAP and Salesforce. Client would like information from mentioned departments to be stored and used in both systems. To avoid expenses on employees training, creating new accounts for each platform and other issues connected with duplicate data entry. Particularly, Client's Staff Users from both departments should be able to sync Bill of Material related information between SAP and Salesforce: also to attach Materials and appropriate Vendors. In addition, there should be possible to send files from to SAP.


Complete Salesforce with SAP integration was offered and implemented, including:

  • Material Master Creation scenario (creating Material with Document Info Record using UI (sending data to SAP and then parsing the response and notifying the owner and approver with this result).
  • Bill of Material scenario (publishing BOM (Bill of Material) from SAP to using REST API, displaying it on the custom VF page (Report page), notifying all connected users (1 notification goes back to SAP to BOM Owner, other go to users (Vendors), owner of BOM sees full report, and Vendors see only information about the items they provided in this BOM).

All the necessary data is synced between SAP and Salesforce and could be used from each system in real time.

Business value

  • Avoiding expenses on training and buying extended licences for both platforms for creating new account for each department.
  • General usability improvements without affecting both Salesforce and SAP functionality that is used by Client's Staff.

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