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Business challenge:

Our specialists were to implement a Wizard to gather information for contracts and agreements.

The client with an enormous document flow needed a solution to reduce time spent on the signing agreements by different departments. Company’s employees already use Salesforce as a CRM tool.


Wizard implementation

WaveOC specialists developed a Wizard based on custom Visualforce pages. After going through several clear and simple steps, a user can fill all the required data to create a contract or an agreement. Customized field validation gives the ability to indicate incorrect user input on the go without saving a record/going to the next step. Personalized lookups and filters allow to display relevant information related to a current user.

DocuSign functionality implementation

The solution was integrated with DocuSign functionality that enables to send and sign sales documents without leaving Salesforce.

Business value

A nice-looking and user-friendly Wizard collects and shares information required for each specific department. Each step contains descriptive instructions for all available actions on the screen, including post actions for DocuSign. This makes the process clear and transparent from the end user perspective.

  • Effective time management with no manual countersign and communication required;
  • Comprehensive support for any process management issues.

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