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Business challenge:

Client specializes in Marketing and Sales in Health Care sector by sending Post Cards to End Customers. We need to create a solution to store Twilio Call Data Records and rate these records by Client’s Staff. Solution should optimize document workflow within the Company. In addition we should display call reports with charts: Client's Staff is used to process all the gathered information with Google Speadsheets, reports are being built there as well. Also all the call records could be listened to only on separate tabs – in other words, it is rather complicated to know who exactly is listening to any specific record. That causes frequent duplicates in call records rating and general capacity decrease.


With a help of Visualforce development and using jquery for visual effects and additional functions we created complex custom call records reports solution with:

  • Custom bar charts with description tooltips (ROI display: marketing campaign cost / quantity of received calls; general Call Centre qualityof services monitoring);
  • Storing Call Data Records on Amazon S3 (AWS). Records are deleted from Twilio right after moving to AWS;
  • Multi-level filtering and pagination to make User be able to sort more than 50k call records by specific attributes;
  • Ability of listening to Call Data Record audio files (both for End Customer and Client’s Staff). In addition, Client’s Staff could rate each record. And depending on that rating the appropriate list of advices is built to improve the quality of services;
  • Sending reports via Email along with downloading from webpage.

Clear process for any User role leads to End Customer satisfaction improvement. Reduction in spent time on processing and rating call records by usability improvements and general page loading speed-up. Throughput increase by blocking the access to the call record that is being processed by any other Client's Staff User. Reduction in expenses by using Amazon S3 file storage instead of rather expensive native solution from Twilio.

Business value

Reduction in expenses on advertising and increase of sales by using alternative sources (in our case – social networks).

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