We have established a new department within our company. It consists of three core specialists who design and build solutions from scratch based on Python in tandem with Flask and AngularJS. Here they are:

Dmitry – an inspiring team leader, a tech savvy expert and a good guy to deal with.

Roman – back-end development guru with a plenty of fresh ideas.

Aleksey – an aesthetics mastermind with proficiency in sterling UI and UX design.

The idea to create a new company’s department comes from easy business logic implementation over a short time period. This is one of the key requirements from our clients. We are ready to provide a set of development options and create a robust scheme of project implementation with all specs and details in mind.

Within our new department, we mainly focus on in-house software development.
There are several reasons for that:

  • Third-party solutions cannot fully meet needs of various specialists;
  • Certain data gathering activities take too much time to perform and can be easily automated;
  • Specialists got an opportunity to put forward ideas related to new product functionality and get involved in its implementation. This enables to cater both to their specific needs and company’s issues.

Keep up with our news and get details about the first versions of our in-house projects.