Why Does Project Management Matter?

Photo: Why Does Project Management Matter?

In our multitasking world with a bulk of workloads, deadlines and milestones, the ability to manage time and tools has never been more vital. To be viable and ultimately successful, organisations have to do more with less money, fewer resources and tons of data to parse. With little room for blunder, project management expertise helps businesses streamline delivery, scale down costs and obviate risks.

Project management is not bureaucracy and paperwork, as many small businesses might think of it. It is an art and science of putting in place knowledge and tools available to achieve goals that push businesses into spotlight and help them stay ahead of the game. Whether you are a big-name brand or just a small fish in a big pond, there’s no way to spearhead without a robust and insightful project management framework.

Salesforce – Your Omnifaceted Management Solution

For those who are left in the dark, or get enough of old-school methods, Salesforce has much to offer for ultimate workflow and process management experience. It goes beyond mere tracking project status, due dates and to-do’s. Salesforce project management gives means to regulate assets and people geared to business strategies, systems and processes.

Photo: Why Does Project Management Matter?

One of the biggest benefits that the cloud technology brings is the ability to work with a big picture in mind. With complete visibility into project data, all in one place, managers can truly keep finger on the pulse of the project – its status, changes and sore points. Thus, it is easier to identify what stages need help, who within your team needs coaching and how it all should be done to achieve the necessary result on time and within budget.

Salesforce Management Functionalities

Photo: Why Does Project Management Matter?

The Sales Cloud is a ready-fitted CRM tool for business of all sizes and across all industries. It can encompass standard and extended functionality stack. Let us have a detailed look on how Sales Cloud implementation can be accustomed to bring tangible improvements in business performance, customer relationships and profits.

Project planning. Salesforce management tools offer a ton of planning functionality for sales activities and marketing campaigns. It helps to identify the critical path for a project, define schedule and allocate resources.

Collaboration and data sharing. Salesforce gives easy-to-use features for creating and storing various types of data, so as to facilitate document collaboration and provide information about business critical metrics in real time.

Workflow optimization. Cloud technologies help to create and automate processes for any business requests, such as automatic email alerts, deal approvals and tasks auto-assignment.

On-request reporting. Cloud solutions generate reports on any project aspects on demand, with necessary charts, groupings and dashboards – from team tasks and activities completed to opportunities won and lost.

Activity management. Salesforce is a centralized hub with activities provided at a glance. It helps to highlight big deals and ensure that they get the highest-priority attention from team members.

Teamwork support. Salesforce gives insights, when team members need assistance, at large or with a specific task.

Performance analysis. With accurate reports and dashboards at hand, it is possible to analyze business goals and identify KPIs.

Building Salesforce Management Tool for Your Business

Photo: Why Does Project Management Matter?

Looking to take the lead in the today’s competitive and chaotic business world, more and more organisations stick to project management to drive consistent business results. With Salesforce technologies and capacities, WaveOC experts can build sophisticated management solutions that connect your business units with your project objectives. Need a brand new tool adjusted to your business nature? Or is there a ready-made solution to be adjusted to your workflow specifics? With Salesforce cloud technologies, you can have it all without compromise.