Salesforce Solutions for Planning: Big Data Analytics for Effective Business Strategy

Why Choose Salesforce Solutions for Planning Your Business Strategy

If you’re running your own business you should probably know that strategic planning is not a sheer estimate of revenues and expenses. To be able to come up with better marketing and sales decisions you need to analyze massive amount of data. Fairly enough, in the digital age, in the world that relies heavily on information, forward-thinking businesses should also be built on detailed insights.

The companies that implement data-driven strategies are reaping solid benefits: they enjoy higher productivity and boast higher profits when compared to data-neglectful competitors. So isn’t it time for your business to embrace big data analytics for strategic planning? Check out these major advantages that come with Salesforce solutions for planning.

  • Valuable insights gained

    Don’t you feel overwhelmed as immense streams of data flow to you from countless sources? Fortunately, for collecting and processing this huge volume of raw, unstructured information today we have powerful analytics platforms. Tools like Salesforce solutions bring different sets of data together in a way that is easy to understand and manage. These insights lay the groundwork for making informed decisions and designing tailored business strategies.

  • No more silos

    Previously, corporate data used to be stored in different departments, which resulted in the so called data silos and created unnecessary barriers to communication within the company. Now we can share information with no limits within the enterprise. This means marketing managers can view the reports from the sales department, while salespeople can access the statistics and notes generated by marketers. As a result, the whole organization works collaboratively, while each employee is better aware of his or her role in the larger company strategy and realigns personal efforts to the common corporate goals.

  • Optimized sales funnel

    With big data analytics from Salesforce, sales managers get a clear vision of all the stages within the funnel. For example, they can keep track of the leads, determine the opportunity acquisition rate, or estimate the total value of the possible deal. These metrics make it easier to decide which prospects to contact and which channel to choose. Due to the machine learning, the platform can also forecast which leads are most likely to become valuable customers empowering you to invest your time and effort more efficiently.

  • Business outcomes predicted

    You know the way Amazon suggests you buying some other items in addition to your purchase, don’t you? The same predictive algorithm enables Salesforce solutions to analyze behavioral patterns of the customers, so that you could foresee their future buying behaviors. With such insights in hand you can come up with tailored promotions in particular, or adjust your whole business strategy at large.

Investment that pays off

One of the precepts for your business sustainability requires that your staff should be well aware of the company strategy and fully committed to it. In other words, no effort should be wasted on a task that is aloof from your corporate program. In this vein big data analytics is a powerful tool helping to make data-driven decisions that are essential for building a robust strategy.

Now that the value of big data is beyond dispute, no business owner should question the importance of IT infrastructure investments. You too should gain the advantage of embracing big data analytics with Salesforce solutions for planning. For professional expertise and competent offer of the most effective solution attuned to your business needs and goals, do not hesitate to contact WaveOC.