Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofits: Tips on Adopting Technology

How Adopting Technology Can Help Nonprofits Make Better Futurey

As new technologies are infusing our personal life and becoming more integrated into business, many enterprises find themselves confused with the enormous amount of changes. Operating in the digital era, they are to reconsider how, when, and where they do business.

No industry is immune. The changes affect social programs too, providing a more comfortable virtual working environment, more valuable data accessible, and new collaboration opportunities. All these are positive changes that your nonprofit organization can embrace and even take advantage of by adjusting the way you promote your programs and interact with your constituents.

Tips on implementing digital transformation

Living up to a technologically focused organization standard requires developing new processes as well as changing working practices and collaboration patterns. First of all, this implies becoming data driven and making decisions drawn from the insights rather than based on the previous experience. Then you should learn more agile ways of working internally and externally.

Here are some other tips on implementing technologies with Salesforce solutions for nonprofits.

  • Build relationships beyond transactions

    To build impactful movement and engage people the way you want, you need to get out in front of your audience in a context that excites them. With Salesforce solutions, you see who cares about your mission and how to approach these people. If you can reach your audience at the right moment with a message that is relevant to them, they are more likely to establish a deep connection with your mission.

  • Give a vote to your supporters

    Due to IT, community members can remotely sign a petition, for example, and thus become part of the solution instead some organization acting on their behalf. Meanwhile you can use their data to follow up with what changes their input brought and how else they can contribute.

  • Harness collective power through communication

    With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, your project team can share ideas and files, as well as manage tasks from anywhere in the world from their smart phone! You can also use the internal messenger Chatter to decrease email and join forces with board members, volunteers and donors, or external agencies. Finally, do not underestimate the power of social media as social networks can spread your message far beyond direct mail.

  • Find reliable partners

    For non-for-profit organizations it’s important to establish good partnership rather than trying to change the future on their own. Let’s say you can't make head or tail of software development. If you don’t have the internal capacity to carry out a development project, leverage other companies’ expertise and experience. Or you can always rely on user-friendly and easy-to-customize Salesforce products.


In order to expand impact in the era of digital intelligence, nonprofits can’t but adopt new technologies. Innovative solutions help nonprofits to build better relationships with the supporters and donors while facilitating a great many of processes. Apart from providing a safe infrastructure for managing programs and donations, Salesforce solutions for nonprofits quickly adjust to shifting people’s behavior and expectations, such as mobile and social media adoption, or new payment methods preferences.

Wondering how your nonprofit project can achieve more with digital transformation? Let WaveOC help you with choosing the best solution that will support your program and call due attention to your mission.