How Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofits Accelerate Your Social Impact?

When legacy systems fail

Does your company contribute to changing the world for better and operates in a nonprofit sector? Then you most likely face the necessity to manage complex relations with your donors, volunteers, contractors, and partners.

Whether a small volunteer project or a robust international venture, you should probably know that storing information in multiple locations makes it problematic to ensure reliable backups and secure data integrity. You might waste your time comparing different versions of files, importing and exporting data instead of focusing on building relationships.

As your nonprofit project evolves, you might come to the conclusion that your existing system no longer supports your mission. In this situation your nonprofit activities can be efficiently managed with powerful Salesforce solutions.

This is how your nonprofit can benefit from Salesforce

Salesforce can help you dramatically transform your community program into a connected nonprofit and establish lifelong relationships with volunteers. In more than 80 countries, thousands of charities and other foundations, like the American Red Cross, are implementing Salesforce software to manage their constituents and fundraising easily and resourcefully.

  • Get a complete picture of all parties involved and activities.

    With Salesforce CRM, you can organize multiple contacts and households, affiliations and donations, and track interactions between them. In addition, all team members can access the project data easily from any location, even from a device in the palm of their hand.

  • Become connected and interact more effectively.

    Take advantage of the cutting-edge social technologies to get in touch with the people who contribute to your common goal. You can work more productively with Salesforce because it provides workspace where all the stakeholders – partners, supporters, members, funders, volunteers and affiliates – can communicate and collaborate on opportunities.

  • Engage and build up your communities to amplify your impact.

    Social networks are dramatically changing the way nonprofit companies and foundations communicate with their communities replacing corporate websites and supplanting email marketing. Use social media features of the Salesforce solutions to deliver the message to the right people at the right moment. Promote your events and visits in social groups – find potential donors and raise new funds.

  • Spend less time on administration – focus on your social programs.

    Salesforce software allows reducing the number of systems maintained in-house by simplifying processes and unifying them in a single flexible solution. What is more, with Salesforce solutions, you can transform your nonprofit’s big data into great social impact. Use Salesforce analytics features to identify new opportunities and make result-driven decisions.

Fine-tuning makes it perfect

Salesforce offers secure cloud-based solutions empowered with drag-and-drop features, helpful prebuilt components, and ready-made user interfaces. To enhance their functionality to the maximum, WaveOC can customize the Salesforce platform to your nonprofit’s lifecycle and add functions to your needs.

Implementing Salesforce, like any other new system, requires ongoing maintenance and administration, as well as staff training – you can rely on WaveOC for that. We apply our proficient expertise and excellent Salesforce technologies to accelerate your nonprofit in changing the world at a scale never before possible.