Long gone are the days when big companies outperformed smaller companies. Today, it’s the fast companies that outshine the slow companies. To be a successful enterprise in the competitive landscape fueled by rapid innovation you need to be agile and mobile. This means disrupting the status quo and moving to enhanced collaboration, better connectivity, and greater scalability.

Your enterprise can work smarter and faster with industry-specific offerings from Salesforce. Below are the guidelines and tools that can help you drive flexibility and connectivity in your business and rise well above where your competitors are.

Get insight into customer needs

Aiming at success, you are to be a customer-centric enterprise, listening to your clients every day and engaging them in a dialogue, understanding their needs and meeting their expectations. Connecting employees across organizations, locations, and time zones, Sales Cloud brings information together and gives salespeople valuable insights. With a 360-degree view provided, you can anticipate what your customer needs and make every interaction meaningful.

Connect the dots

The enterprise market is noted for its hyper connected environment. With a powerful tool of App Cloud, your team can see the whole picture simultaneously. With sales, and service, and marketing departments working with apps connected on the single Salesforce platform, each relevant team member follows the updates on the customers and thus can take care of them in a proper and timely manner. For example, if a delivery fails, both your sales rep and distribution agent will instantly see it and can immediately handle the issue.

Run your technical service like a precision machine

You’ve probably heard from your call center or tech department how often they suffer from low-speed app sync time and downtime when using an obsolete system. Such poor user experience may result in an overall unsatisfactory customer service. Meanwhile, the Salesforce Service Cloud enables your customer support operators instantly access client history, deal with service requests, and allocate field service engineers. The latter can notify customer-facing sales reps once the repair is completed.

Make decisions where the customer is, not in the office

It’s crucial for the enterprise to stay totally connected to key customer data to make better decisions. Now your sales reps can switch from manila folders and desktop PCs to tablets, leave their offices and face clients in person. Armed with gadgets running fully connected custom Salesforce apps, field reps have the complete view of the customer before the meeting, so they can deliver a personalized approach. And while Salesforce1 Mobile App is connected to Chatter, colleagues can enjoy real-time collaboration.

Keep your teammates connected

It's important to interact with everyone on your team and make them part of the community. Replacing the aging intranet, Chatter allows coworkers to quickly share information and solve problems using their mobiles and tablets. An efficient interaction and communication tool, Chatter also contributes to the vitality of your team spirit and corporate culture.

They’ve already made it to the top

Salesforce solutions have become a fundamental building block in the success stories of many big-name enterprises and manufacturers.

Thus, the secret formula of the legendary brand of Coca-Cola Germany is one-of-a-kind approach to customer service coupled with great technology of the Salesforce platform.

Despite the rapid growth and expansion, the Virgin America airline manages to keep its playful spirit and strengthen its people-oriented culture with the Chatter network.

The giant of electronics, Philips, uses Chatter to team up across borders and also takes advantage of Service Cloud to help its customer support agents and technicians provide well-timed service.

Salesforce has also become a key partner of American Express in its transformation for the Digital Age. With the superior connectivity and up-to-date data provided by the consumer-driven technologies, the iconic financial company creates great customer experience and makes business travel easier.

Now it’s your turn to step up

As you can see, there’s an alternative to the high-priced enterprise software products with crappy design and poor usability. Your enterprise can make a massive step forward using the powerful and scalable Salesforce platform that enables all your departments – from sales to service to marketing – to communicate and solve customer problems, all in real time.

WaveOC, a certified Salesforce partner, can be of great help in powering these cutting-edge technologies. You can always rely on our team for amazingly quick and smooth implementation of Salesforce solutions.