Salesforce Mobile Solutions for Business

How Salesforce Mobile Solutions Make Business Smarter

In the rise of social and mobile technologies, customers and users have an instant access to information they need. The greatest value of smartphones and tablets is making data available on the go. In this context the same mobility is expected on the enterprise side. For businesses, applications for various portable devices are the way to reach their clients – as well as employees and partners – right away and engage more closely with them. No wonder many companies strive to gain a competitive edge by building applications for gadgets.

Solutions for smarter business operations

You’ve probably had a chance to appreciate the convenience of responding to emails or editing blog posts in Google docs while in line for a coffee. Why not extend the mobility benefits to your business and take action from anywhere? To stay fully connected and highly productive, you could resort to solutions from Salesforce.

Salesforce mobile solutions include frontline apps for:

  • Sales: Salesforce1 App provides your sales managers have with everything necessary to work proactively and close more deals on their gadgets.
  • Service: Your technical support agents will appreciate the smooth experience of managing cases and reports with such tools as Salesforce1 and
  • Marketing: Marketing departments can take advantage of Salesforce1 to manage leads, track campaigns, and engage with communities on any device.
  • Analytics: Due to the adaptable dashboards of Wave Analytics, you can easily navigate your data with a point-and-click simplicity on the phone or even on the watch!
  • Administration: Admin App is an on-call toolkit that enables administrators to perform their duties – like unlocking users or resetting passwords – on the run.
  • Authentication: The platform also offers Authenticator App that allows staff members to use apps with a tap on their gadgets while securing your business-critical data with a two-factor verification mechanism.

In sum, Salesforce mobile solutions are all about smarter business operations and efficient time management. With these solutions on the gadgets, your team can access vital information in seconds and drive quicker decisions with real-time data.

How companies are innovating with the Salesforce mobile apps

Here’re some real world examples of how world-renowned companies use the platform to transform their business and work smarter and faster.

Thus, an American provider of HR management software and services, ADP built a range of solutions for digital sales, order management, and itinerary planning. The company’s employees now can make sales calls and close deals from their tablets on the go.

Stanley Black & Decker, a world-leading provider of security products and storage systems, customized Salesforce1 so that their franchisees could access the necessary information and log requests into Service Cloud Lightning right from the truck on the road.

Salesforce mobile solutions allow Herman Miller, a famous American manufacturer of office furniture, to easily track account activity and share information. The user-friendly application enables updating and collaborating in real time, right from the phone.

Ryder System Inc., the industry leader in truck transportation, implemented Sales Cloud both for the in-house sales department and vehicle service network. With Salesforce1 on their devices, staff can efficiently manage sales pipeline, eliminating the lag period between sales calls and filing sales reports.

Make an application of your own

When legacy technologies leave you stuck in on-going infrastructure maintenance and frequent upgrades, move to cloud and run your business from the phone.

At WaveOC, Salesforce mobile apps can be customized for your business needs. We design applications for devices connected on a cloud platform that lives up to the present-day standards for security, availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

WaveOC delivers end-to-end solutions for your businesses helping you build personalized and meaningful connections with customers.