Salesforce Mobile Solutions for Better Sales

How to Become Better at Sales in the Mobile Era

You might have never thought about it, but salespeople have always been mobile. Even before the smartphone era actually started, sales reps would spend the most of their day in the field meeting with clients and prospective customers. The difference is that nowadays, with the innovative mobile technologies, sales managers can access data and use tools they need on-site on their gadgets. Below are just a few of the benefits that come with the great features of Salesforce mobile solutions.

Real-time forecasting

Everybody knows that predicting the future accurately is hard. Especially when you are to project future trends in a dynamic business environment. However, for selling forecasting is the key. And it’s also one of the most challenging tasks your sales team is to handle. It’s because business forecasts need to be up-to-date and they should provide a clear picture of the current situation covering all the stages, deal sizes, and timing. Luckily, today there is a powerful tool for sales executives, managers, and reps to address this challenge and become more productive. Now they can view their quota, oversee the pipeline and forecast next steps at a glance in the Salesforce1 Mobile App. What is more, they can view available opportunities, track every deal, monitor individual rep performance, plan and take appropriate action on the go. With such an overall performance snapshot at their fingertips, salespeople can make business decisions faster.

Better productivity

Being able to find necessary data and sort faster with less scrolling on devices means increased productivity. A mobile-friendly Salesforce CRM provides a 360-degree view of all things related to the customer, which means that sales reps no longer have to retreat back to the office whenever they need particular contact details. With the daily agenda organized in the CRM on their gadget, managers can make notes, log tasks and update records from anywhere in the world. The solution also serves as a social collaboration tool helping the field reps to keep in touch with the whole company in case they need any expertise or advice.

Improved reporting

Another valuable feature is that the cloud-based CRM delivers the latest analytics and data on sales performance in easy-to-understand dashboards and reports. So the dreary task of creating reports by hand no longer ties you to the computer for hours. With custom dashboards built in the Salesforce1 Mobile App, you get all the data neatly organized just in a few clicks. Practically the whole app can be easily customized in tune with your business needs and work practices.

As mobile apps are conquering your customers, partners, and employees, it’s a call for your whole business team to be always on and work efficiently on the go. Now you know how to give your sales reps a competitive advantage of speed and connectivity. Once your salespeople are all armed with Salesforce mobile solutions, they can say goodbye to the desk, go in the field and make better sales.