How to Automate Small to Medium-Sized Business?

Being a small fish in a big pond

Sometimes present-day business environment can be very challenging for SMBs. Whereas big companies enjoy enough funds and human assets to handle different tasks efficiently, SMBs have to distribute administrative responsibilities among fewer staff members, which leaves them less time to pursuit their key goals. Making allowance for the fact that not many people can multitask without compromising the quality of their work, this can negatively impact overall business performance. Fortunately, with the introduction of smart IT technologies a solution to this problem has been found.

Automation is the solution

Nowadays, small and medium-sized businesses can greatly facilitate their operation by automating processes that used to monopolize the energy and time of the whole team. So what should be automated?

  • Phone calls

    Communication with partners and customers is an integral part of your company’s operation. You could hire a receptionist or a dedicated operator to deal with incoming calls and messages. But for an SME, that would mean taking some money away from other employees. Giving out your staff personal phone numbers to handle communication is not a solution either – that would result in interrupted workflow.

    You can prevent distraction by designating the task of answering calls to an automated secretary system.

    The automated secretary lets the calls from the approved contacts go through freely, while in case an unknown person attempts to contact the office, the system either re-routes the caller to voicemail or requests personal details and the matter of the call, so that you could decide whether to accept the call. Furthermore, you can provide a menu of options for callers to choose from, thus sparing yourself the trouble of answering common questions in person.

  • Managing customer relationship

    Your interactions with clients, colleagues, partners and other parties can be significantly facilitated with CRM software that houses all useful business data, such as contacts, their profiles, and purchase history, in one place.

    A cloud-based CRM solution can be used by small and medium-sized businesses for managing contacts, emails and documents, as well as for scheduling.

    Modern CRM systems also provide an analytics feature, so you can see how resources should be allocated so as to streamline the sales.

  • Marketing

    To bring profit, your company should find new opportunities and attract new prospects. SMEs don’t have the funds and marketing teams to expand promotion efforts across multiple channels.

    Take advantage of the automated email marketing campaigns and referral programs provided by the latest automation marketing tools.
  • File sharing

    In a multi-party project it’s not that easy to keep documents up-to-date and provide access to all the people involved. Some changes can be overlooked and outdated files can be used, which can lead to mistakes, miscommunication and costly side effects.

    Rather than sending documents back and forth by email for approval, files can be kept in a cloud, so that team members could access the latest version thus avoiding confusion.
  • Social media

    Most companies by now have recognized the benefits of social media, but few take full advantage of what they offer. Automation makes content creation much easier for small and medium-sized businesses that run social media accounts by themselves.

    Instead of interrupting to post content to social media manually, you can schedule automated posts and set up alerts on new blog posts.

To automate or not?

As a rule, a small-to-medium business benefits from increased automation, because it allows entrepreneurs to guide their business while the enterprise runs by itself.

Automation tools are really effective, but you should take time to review your necessities and try various tools to decide which one suits you most. There are many automation services available online for free, but these are usually limited trials that may have unnecessary for your business features, but lack the functionality you need. Alternatively, you can have high-quality automation solutions from a recognized software vendor designed specifically for you and delivered in a single package.

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