Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Just because you belong to a small or medium business sector doesn’t mean you can’t compete with the giants of the industry. With Salesforce solutions, you can scale your business as you grow.

Salesforce is helping both small and mid-sized businesses easily manage customer and business contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities, and thus increase sales productivity. The power of Salesforce is that is a centralized hub to manage and track all the information you need, while your competitive advantage lies in the synthesis of the cloud-based platform and a tailored approach to your business needs.

Great customer service makes great business

In the era of the customer, as your business grows from a small team to a more complex unity, you need make sure every customer experience you deliver is an outstanding one. The following are the principles that help you retain personal approach with your target audience and improve your business agility.

  • Win the right customers by one-on-one approach
    With smart ROI reports, automatically updated customer data, and real-time metrics delivered by the Salesforce CRM, you can reach your target audience, find out everything about your leads, personalize every interaction and thus live up to customer expectations.
  • Make customers happy by servicing across channels
    Use Salesforce as a central hub for all customer support channels. Be responsive and quick with the out-of-the-box customer service features including case management automation and FAQs that enable your customers to help themselves.
  • Connect all your business processes on one platform
    Salesforce is a large ecosystem of pre-integrated apps with a variety of prebuilt components, which allows you to introduce innovations without an in-house IT department. Take advantage of this feature to automate most of your business operations.
  • Run your business anywhere
    With no hardware or software required, Salesforce runs in the cloud, so all you need to access your data and business apps is a web browser or a mobile device.  Even scattered across the globe, your teams can collaborate efficiently by sharing customer information, cases, and workflows.

Some success stories to take cue from

When Carlo’s Bakery, a family-run bake shop got its moment of glory on a popular TV show, its old-fashioned pencil-and-paper system of taking orders could no longer keep up with the amount of requests. Today, operating the network of nine retail stores, a mail order shop, and a cooking school, while selling 24,000 cupcakes weekly, the company manages all its interactions through Sales Cloud and uses Marketing Cloud to communicate with followers.

Salesforce has also helped SoundCloud, a popular audio sharing platform, as the company grew from a team of six to 200 and needed a scalable solution to manage customer information and service requests while maintaining a human touch with its audience. With headquarters in Berlin and San Francisco, the company managed to keep the two teams coordinated due to Salesforce solutions.

Punch above your weight

When deployed and adopted properly, the Salesforce platform can drive new levels of efficiency and work magic. If you are a growing medium business and are considering moving to Salesforce, WaveOC will take pleasure in guiding you to success. By implementing best practices and ensuring that Salesforce applications are configured to support your business needs, our team will deliver the game changing solutions that empower you to challenge even the heavyweights of your market.