Meaningful Automation with Salesforce Marketing Solutions

How to Convert Leads into Loyal Customers with Automated Marketing

Marketing automation comes with a plethora of benefits. It reduces monotonous tasks and makes it easier to engage huge volume of new prospects. But even though more and more companies in the B2B segment are now automating their marketing efforts, don’t forget that there are real people on the receiving end. To keep your campaigns effective, it is important to avoid sounding like a robot. Below are three principles that will help you humanize automation efforts and personalize promotion activities.

Scale little by little

Innovative automation tools like Salesforce marketing solutions make it tempting to jump in headfirst and reach thousands of leads in the chase of increased revenues. However, you’d better start interacting with smaller audience in a trustworthy manner first, so that you do not lose that personal touch as you expand across markets and channels.

Segment your audience and come up with personal messaging

A one-size-fits-all approach to messaging rarely works for the entire database and results in cold, unqualified leads. First of all, there is little sense emailing a purchased contact who has never heard of your company. Instead, you should focus on building your own list of contacts who have shown interest in your products or services.

Secondly, it’s well worth spending time segmenting your leads into specific groups and identifying their priorities. You don’t want your emails to land in the spam folder, do you? So take the time to learn your audience to pick up the right tone to appeal to the different target groups. At this point you can make use of the information and insights gained with Salesforce CRM to send tailored welcome and follow-up mails that make you prospects feel special and valued, as well as to knock at the their door with a relevant offer.

Take advantage of multiple channels

However advanced, marketing automation itself won’t transform your business overnight. While your marketers can avail of automated emails, you should engage your prospects through personal channels, too. This includes both social media interactions and in-person events. If approached sensibly, social media activities can raise the brand awareness and reinforce your corporate identity. By keeping your messages casual yet personal and avoiding pushing people into buying, you can convert followers from your brand social community into actual loyal customers. By the way, Salesforce marketing solutions provide the platform for personalized customer journeys with your brand across a variety channels including email, mobile, social, advertising and web studios.

To crown it all, automated marketing is a great way to generate more leads, but it won’t work its magic if you don’t take care staying human. Keep your prospects’ personalities and needs in mind – and you’ll be able to design smarter and more engaging campaigns and create experiences as unique as each customer.

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