How to Use Sales Cloud for Business?

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Gone are the days of complicated, mazelike CRM software that got users trapped into obscure functionality and required extra staff to install and maintain the system. In today’s business environment, things have changed bringing new possibilities, flexible costs and easy deployment without fuss and compromise. Progressive CRM systems have become not just tech savvy and capable, but they come fine-tuned to tackle wide scope of business tasks.

It makes no difference whether your business is large in number or has just a small subset of employees. For any company, large and small, there’s no other best way to connect with customers and maximize profits as to invest in scalable CRM that can help right here and right away. With the Sales Cloud Salesforce CRM, it is possible to keep abreast of everyday deals and stay connected to customers and teammates.

Why Sales Cloud?

The Sales Cloud is a flagship CRM product with a set of solutions under the Salesforce brand. Whether you search for a system with standard customer and sales pipeline management features or a more sophisticated system to handle sales, marketing and team management facets, the solution is a good match for sales managers, marketing specialists and executives. Groundbreaking CRM technologies bring together sales pipeline reps and management staff as a tight-knit unit collaborating together to implement strategies, track customers and drive informed business decisions.

Photo: Sales Cloud for business
The Sales Cloud makes business successful through:
  • Effective lead generation and tracking;
  • Fast access to deals and customers;
  • Real updates on documents, accounts and other business-related data;
  • Improved workflow process through automation and AppExchange integration;
  • Increased productivity with complete data about prospects and customers in one place;
  • Mobile accessibility.

How to Grow and Transform Business with Sales Cloud?

Photo: Sales Cloud for business

The Sales Cloud is a ready-fitted CRM tool for business of all sizes and across all industries. It can encompass standard and extended functionality stack. Let us have a detailed look on how Sales Cloud implementation can be accustomed to bring tangible improvements in business performance, customer relationships and profits.

  • Support customer management. It gives a big picture of business customers, covering activities, discussion and social interactions across social media channels.
  • Manage sales process. The CRM gives access to full-cycle sales pipeline management, from product catalogue setup and pricing to sales closing.
  • Report and forecast. The platform provides real-time data on actual numbers such as product line profit and customer calls. It helps managers align current goals with business results and provide accurate forecasting.
  • Integrate sales and marketing. CRM technologies enable to align sales and marketing efforts and drive leads across multiple channels.
  • Optimize workflow. The solution accelerates processes and manages routine activities through automated approvals.
  • Get the right data. With, the solution gives easy and fast access to real-time, accurate data that fosters sales and marketing productivity.
  • Collaborate and interact. With Chatter, the solution connects people in real time, keeps them updated, as well as help them make and track deals wherever they are.
  • Connect with partners. The solution enables to establish a partner network, encourage partner engagement and launch integrated marketing

What Can We Do with Sales Cloud?

Photo: Sales Cloud for business

WaveOC focuses on comprehensive Salesforce implementation, integration and ongoing software support. With the right approach and grounded knowledge of CRM capabilities, WaveOC team delivers proper configuration to help businesses manage processes and workflows in a structured and meaningful way.