Make Sales Data Work for your Business

In the context of the never ending globalization, companies and sales data analysts in particular are under a lot of pressure these days. Stress keeps coming from everywhere: you should strive to boost efficiency, which implies analyzing more data, modifying sales strategy, all the while beating off competition. The truth is that in sales even one percent of efficiency can make a crucial difference. So the demand for new IT tools that help the company save time and increase productivity is evident.

Data headache

While gathering and storing data might seem easy, turning it into useful information can be a real challenge. At big enterprises, sales managers are simply overwhelmed by the amount of data. Very often these companies don’t even have necessary tools and staff to analyze all the figures. This inevitably leaves decision makers with an incomplete picture. And this is when smart tools that help make sense of information gathered are most welcome.

Salesforce solution to the problem

Sales Wave Analytics app is a highly scalable intuitive solution that brings immediate improvements right from the launch. The app is a perfect fit for many companies that already use Salesforce CRM.

The cloud computing company designed the application that not only mines for data but also manages and processes it a most meaningful way. Then sales managers and reps have these insights visualized in the form of clear dashboards. The app has a smart configuration system that does not require IT knowledge of any sort. It simply asks you sales-related questions and based on your answers, it will preconfigure the dashboard and KPIs. The solution, however, allows for some more in-depth customization for detailed analysis.

What Sales Wave can offer your business

  • Connection and speed.Wave Analytics integrates with the Salesforce cloud right away, no optimization is required. All data across your business infrastructure is assembled easily in no time. Furthermore, the app can be accessed from mobile devices, giving employees the ability to work from anywhere and always stay in touch.
  • The complete view.With the personalized dashboards and year-over-year pipelines you can enjoy the 360o view of your business on the market. You can unravel trends and opportunities for your company as well as stay aware of potential pitfalls.
  • Continuous evolution.In the constantly changing environment your business needs to review its processes and scale its IT infrastructure. As your company grows Sales Wave Analytics will be expanding and shapeshifting into a personalized app tailored to serve your unique business needs.

Sales Wave Analytics is a perfect add-on to the Sales Cloud solution. Its scalability, efficiency and customization capabilities make it a must have tool for any sales department in companies of all sizes. WaveOC helps you take Salesforce solutions to the next level, bringing you the full power of sales data and boosting your productivity.