How Salesforce Customer Service Solutions Improve Customer Experience

7 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

Proactive service as customer experience

In the Age of the Customer, people have become extremely value conscious. For business, in a situation when your product faces competition from cheaper alternatives, you should compete with service. Creating better customer experience you can create better value.

While service is generally thought of as dealing with problems and eliminating concerns, customer experience is a much more holistic approach. Customer service is just part of interaction with a client, whereas customer experience refers to the entire journey a person has with your brand.

Furthermore, customer experience is all about proactive service focused on thinking about the reasons why people would call rather than what to tell them when they do. That is why the top performing brands are addressing people’s issues and concerns ahead of time.

So how can your company become proactive?

With the use of technology rising, it’s important to keep focus on your client and build person-to-person connections with your target audience. In fact, if used properly, technology makes service better. Salesforce customer service solutions are prime example of how new technologies result in amazing experience for users and consumers.

Here are steps and tools to move your company to a more client-centred approach.

  1. Automate processes to focus on relationships

    You can save a great deal of time and effort using smart IT solutions designed to automate tedious business processes such as accounting, for example. With a tool like Service Cloud Lightning you can rest assured that the right email is sent or a phone call is made at the right time.

  2. Arm with the valuable data and actionable insights

    Annual surveys or quarterly focus groups no longer provide relevant insights. It’s vital to have accurate, real-time data at hand. With extensive client profiles right at their fingertips, your support agents can personalize service for each and every client.

  3. Take advantage of predictive analytics

    To add value to people’s experience with your company, your agents need actionable insights. Wave Analytics helps anticipate what your consumers need, so you can deliver it to them before they even ask for it!

  4. Practice engaging marketing

    Your marketing strategy should engage and connect with the community. Solutions from Salesforce ensure such a level of engagement that helps people learn more about your company and encourages them to spread the word on social media.

  5. Mind the speed

    One of the key aspects of any service is speed. A shipping delay or a generally disagreeable client, the issue has to be tackled as soon as possible. Salesforce solutions promptly deliver the necessary information to your agents, which inevitably accelerates their response time.

  6. Provide self-service first

    Superior customer experience means offering people an opportunity to help themselves. Your clients can find the answer on their own by referring to a well-supplied library of informative articles or asking the community. Do not miss a chance to satisfy your DIY-minded clientele!

  7. Stay mobile

    In the 21st century people are connected and well informed like never before. No wonder they expect the same ultra-smart connectivity and mobility from your business! Salesforce solutions ensure personalized journeys across all devices and offer seamless user experiences.

Unfortunately, many businesses still see customer service as a department, while it should become a culture or a philosophy embraced by every person in the company. By following the guidelines above and centralizing your business around your target audience, you’ll enable your company to deliver outstanding service that will transform your clients into brand ambassadors. To find more about Salesforce customer support solutions that help create superior consumer experience, refer to WaveOC.