Best Cloud System

Salesforce has been outrunning its competitors for quite some time now. While Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and others were just getting in the business, Salesforce took over the market by recognizing the dire need of companies to stop managing software and platforms for their employees and simply outsource the job.

Having defined the market rules for cloud computing while others are trying to catch up, Salesforce evolves extensively by launching new products for sales, marketing and management automation. For a long time the company did business in a very limited amount of countries focusing on the technology and customer feedback.

Initially Salesforce was known as a vendor of IT solutions for small businesses, but then the company expanded its service to bigger enterprises. Today the company provides solutions that are bringing benefits to businesses of any scale including corporate giants like SAP and Philips.

The Secret of Success in Cloud Computing

To explain why the company succeeds, it’s sometimes easier to say what competitors are doing wrong. One of the computing industry giants, Oracle, that previously owned Salesforce, got on the cloud market with its own vision. Their approach rested on the premise that customers would save money and have less trouble integrating the entire system if all the IT infrastructure components were developed by Oracle. Not many can make such a claim and offer a solution like that, since smaller companies are not in the business of developing databases, middleware and others.

However, Salesforce was one of the few to recognize that customers wanted a unified system that would serve their corporate purpose. It’s excellent sales services and marketing capabilities in one single environment that the clients are after.

The company took over clients’ trust by providing a highly flexible CRM solution adjustable to specific business objectives. Relying on customer feedback, the company continuously upgraded its products and built enhancements for HR, accounting and sales needs.

The next step was to take it all to the next level, to the cloud.

The Sky Is the Limit

Unlike other IT companies, Salesforce pushes its solutions towards simplicity. No more worries about hardware maintenance and bulky software. Sales Cloud eliminates any impact on IT resources, so you no longer need to choose between system upgrades and ongoing processes. All customizations are preserved when the system automatically updates.

With the cloud platform, your company also gets access to numerous applications that are built specifically for the Salesforce infrastructure and can be easily integrated with the CRM.

And all these features are available on any mobile device, making the entire system accessible from anywhere in the world.

Adopting Salesforce cloud platform in your business, you eliminate unnecessary spendings and release time and efforts to address customer needs. At WaveOC, we deliver end-to-end cloud solutions helping you customize your IT infrastructure to your corporate goals.