How Sales Benefit from Salesforce?

How do you manage your customer information?

Your contacts book is one of the most valuable assets for your company’s growth. There are existing customers who support your business, and there are prospects that can be converted to loyal customers. To stay in contact with your customers, to store the names and other personal details, as well as notes on dates and deadlines, you need an efficient contact management application, a reliable CRM platform.

The most common reason why many of CRM projects fail is insufficient user adoption. But there is a solution that not only offers features which all salesmen will appreciate, but also provides a number of other advantages which your sales will greatly benefit from. For simple and scalable customer management there is a powerful tool of Salesforce CRM

How Sales Benefit from Salesforce?

What Salesforce offers?

Here are 7 reasons for your sales business to switch to Salesforce.
  1. All customer information is well-organized in a single place. No more paper folders, sticky notes, or Excel spreadsheets! Salesforce CRM keeps record of all project data including contacts, opportunities, tasks, events, communication and transaction history.
  2. Efficient project management. Salesforce is a great way to implement easy account planning and productive time management. With Salesforce CRM you can prioritize activities, develop strategies, create action plans with to-do tasks, and make reminders on follow-up activities.
  3. Valuable trending analyses and opportunity forecasts. You can see trends with opportunities in the pipeline by month, calculate the win/loss ratio on opportunities, as well as track the number of closed deals versus quota.
  4. Customized reports with smart visuals. Salesforce dashboards visualize critical information in a variety of charts and graphs.
  5. Helpful email templates. Salesforce CRM provides a selection of templates for Introductory, Welcome, and Thank You emails.
  6. Intuitive user experience. Everybody likes user-friendly applications that work just the way the user does. Enjoy fine design features, customized report layouts, simple navigation and convenient built-in record search.
  7. Smooth collaboration. Share project information with your team members via Salesforce Chatter. Communicate the changes such as territory realignment, information inquires or whatever else.
How Sales Benefit from Salesforce?

How Salesforce helps sell better?

In practice Salesforce is much more than a customer relationship management tool. Salesforce CRM helps you understand where exactly you are with your customers and what direction you should go to keep them happy.

By analyzing information on your deals, you can continually improve your sales strategies towards optimum effectiveness. As a result, by matching your products or services with your prospect customers, you can offer them the solutions they expect or demand for. If you are excited about getting this powerful Salesforce CRM that will provide you a 360-degree view of every customer at the touch of a button, contact WaveOC. Our company is a reliable software vendor that will professionally implement Salesforce capacities into a solution fit for your business purpose. Discover the great sales opportunities with Salesforce solutions from WaveOC!