Big Data for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

The buzzword ‘big data’ has been around for quite a while and it has been associated primarily with mid-market and large businesses. But with increased availability of computational power SMBs can now use vast amounts of information in order to make decisions based on data from all kinds of sources.

Obviously just having the data stored is not enough. Large enterprises have entire departments with data scientists dedicated to make sense of what appears to the rest as just white noise. Your small or medium-sized business doesn’t need such drastic measures. You can simplify the whole process using Salesforce CRM empowered with big data analysis features.

What CRM has to do with big data

With a smart CRM solution at your disposal you can extract core value from huge amount of information in no time. This is a real catch for SMEs as they have limited resources available to gather and go through all the contacts, project history, social media accounts and other relevant info.

Traditionally an owner of an SMB makes decisions based on personal experience, instinct and intuition. However great these qualities might be for a entrepreneur, very often they are not sufficient in the globalized environment. But what if you knew which product features customers value most, what day of the week has the highest volume of emails and how the smallest change in pricing drives sales in the long run? These are the answers that ensure better understanding of the market and these are the insights that can be derived from big data.

The common misconception associated with big data is that it requires huge investments in IT infrastructure while implying computation risks. But with Salesforce CRM, the benefits for your organization are hidden everywhere, you just need to know where to look.

How small and medium businesses can benefit from Salesforce solutions

  • Enjoy a bird’s eye view of your current environment. You may now view the opportunities in your sector of operations. With the insights provided by the CRM, small and medium-sized businesses can now reallocate their resources in more efficient ways — it serves as a guide in the dark forest of data. What is more, due to social media features CRM solutions can help you better understand and relate to the customer base.
  • Take a better look at your current position on the market and avail of forecasting capabilities. The CRM performs complex predictive calculations providing you with valuable business analytics while sparing from tedious data-mining. With adjustable forecast settings and intuitive user interface, your team members will be able to put more tangible goals ahead and foresee any potential difficulties in real time.
  • Generate reports with drag-and-drop ease. You no longer have to rely on spreadsheets to have your monthly and quarterly reports done. And now you can monitor year-over-year statistics to see every small detail and how it affected sales.
  • Run your organization even while away from the workplace. Do you belong to the type of the business owner who is the first one to come to the office and the last one to leave? It doesn’t have to be this way. With a cloud-based and mobile-friendly IT solutions you can manage your projects from anywhere on a smartphone. You won’t miss a beat!

Be small, play big

Thanks to advanced Salesforce solutions even small and medium businesses can adopt practices of large enterprises and apply them efficiently. With WaveOC you can truly turn the table around and take over the big data to reap all the benefits it offers. We can help you implement a CRM for your small or medium-sized business that will be just right for you and fit for your budget.