CRM as a Tool for Nonprofits to Impact the Community

How Nonprofits Can Build Better Connections Using Salesforce

Unlike conventional business models, nonprofits are based on philanthropy and charity and therefore they depend greatly on personal connections. Just think about it for a moment, why most people donate to charity or do volunteer job? Chances are good that person knows someone affected by the cause or was a victim himself or herself. So to bring impact and real change a modern nonprofit business has to truly connect with potential benefactors. And in the digital age that goes beyond sending emails and giving out flyers in the street.

The value of nonprofit businesses is much more than people realize. In US in 2014 the nonprofit sector took up 5.4% of the national GDP and it is growing, partly due to the effective use of technologies. More and more nonprofit organizations are referring to CRM solutions as donor management software. Not just a contacts database, an innovative CRM is meant for communication both with members and donors while providing valuable insight into constituents. And what is more, CRM helps a great deal with coordination of projects and events.

Here are some other benefits that come with Salesforce CRM.

  • Get more people on board

    Your nonprofit organization will definitely need a continuous flow of volunteers to help the cause. With Salesforce CRM in place you can expand your search capabilities. Clues in the data make it easier for you to find interested and capable people fit for the job.

  • Spread the word

    Even though social media has been around for quite some time, many organizations still make the simplest of mistakes: too much or too little social media. Integrated with social platforms, best CRMs for nonprofits help to communicate with donors, get to know what type of activities and events resonate better with them. With such instant feedback provided, you can focus on things that work best, making greater impact in less time.

  • Access knowledge and experience

    With all data accumulated in databases, your organization can rest assured that even with a sudden change in management all information will not be lost. Moreover, with a mobile friendly Salesforce CRM all vital data like donor lists, statistics can be accessed from anywhere even on a smartphone. These features allow sharing knowledge among members of your nonprofit business even when they are spread out over the world. Now all participants can communicate with each other, share their experience and most importantly make use of it in a centralized system.

Become a better connected nonprofit

Combining the benefits from CRM that we’ve outlined above should expand the participant and donor base as well as facilitate publicity. On top of that, you get a more efficient and dynamic infrastructure within the organization that not only allows for efficient communication but gives a good head start to any new branches of your nonprofit business. And most importantly, with Salesforce solutions for nonprofits you know your benefactors and therefore can develop strategies that will bring greater impact and help you secure sustainable fundraising.

At WaveOC we help nonprofit businesses to apply their potential to the very maximum by providing Salesforce CRM and integrating it with already existing environment. Let us contribute to your benevolent efforts with our expertise.