Business Advantages of Marketing Automation

Speaking about business automation so often these days we mean advanced technologies that allow companies to streamline and automate various work processes. Such solutions increase efficiency within the organization and therefore boost revenue growth.

To address issues like customer lifecycle marketing, lead generation, and lead scoring faced by companies both in B2B and B2C sectors marketing automation software was built. You might say that these business tasks can be performed without any technologies. However, fewer and fewer small businesses succeed relying purely on manual work, while medium and large enterprises are completely dependent on automation due to the immense volumes of data to be processed daily.

Today all marketing processes require:

  • Central database.Think of it as storage for all the data including detailed reports, customer behavior models, forecasts and many other different types of business relevant information.
  • Analytics system.Simply put, it is a tool for analyzing and predicting marketing ROI. Here is where all the data is filtered and processed.
  • Customer engagement engine.It is essentially a place where you create and define marketing interactions for different channels.

But how exactly are improved efficiency and increased revenue achieved? We have come up with a list of four major benefits you get with marketing automation tools.

  • Routine elimination

    Automation tackles a sizable chunk of paperwork allowing your marketing department to focus on the tasks that require human presence. The overall productivity of your team grows as more time is spent on the actual work that pays off. Furthermore, the risk of a human error practically excluded.

  • Channel coverage

    Automation software can be used on various platforms with a range of tools, starting with emails and social networks and all the way to the CRM solution. With automated processes you will be able to create more personal connection with your customer base and cover more ground in less time.

  • Market tracking

    Innovative automation tools provide means necessary to collect and analyze vast amounts of data. You can track all the current market trends, get insight into the customer behavior, and see how certain activities impact the target audience. With these capabilities at hand you can make informed estimates and reliable forecasts.

  • Relationship marketing

    To ensure sustainable growth you need to live up to the high standards of your customers’ expectations. Automating software tools empower you to personalize the approach to each of your clients and build individual strategies through analyzing and qualifying every lead.

Choosing a competent partner

There are numerous companies that develop automation software, but Salesforce remains the undisputed champion in the field of sales. At WaveOC, we specialize in building, implementing and customizing powerful Salesforce marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes and domains. On top of that we offer our services in support and maintenance of automation systems already in place.