Analytics Is More Than You Think

Business operations have become thoroughly intertwined with electronic communications and informational technology. That's a stretch to say that it has started recently. Quite the opposite, the history of electronic data management goes back for over half of the century for the biggest industries in most rapidly developing countries. Major players on the global market have long recognized the role of analytics in business management, and that's what has turned them into leaders on the market.

The Next Trend: Predictive Intelligence

Predictive analytics is the next frontier we are talking about in corporate business. It takes business to the next level, and Salesforce analytics is just one example of affordable predictive solutions. To make matters even better, it is gradually becoming accessible to middle-range and even small enterprises, to their great benefit. This is owing to big data technologies and increased speed of information processing.

How to Use Predictive Intelligence

How do you predict the future? There is no magic, only data mining, which is magic by itself. Valuable insights are derived from analysis of current data trends and dynamics of their development. They include alternative scenarios and risk assessment for possible outcomes.

How to start using predictive analytics? Firstly, you need to gather enough information to be able to base your predictions upon it. So, it is better to start collecting customer data as early as possible. But quantity is not always quality: remember that big data actually means structured data. You won't make much use of it if it’s incomplete or inaccurate.

Presentation Is Priceless

No matter how valuable your data is, it means nothing unless you have the correct interpretation of it. This is when analytics platforms come into play. The power of modern software enables to produce fascinating visuals. However, do not let yourself be distracted by them. The key to actionable evaluation lies in custom presentation that answers the questions you are asking about your business.

How Can We Help?

We specialize in implementation and integration of Salesforce Wave Analytics, which is supplied as a part of the most requested business suite, Sales Cloud. In addition, it also can be implemented with other Salesforce products, like Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Salesforce is an outstanding solution for enterprise-grade data mining. The dynamic visualization engine Wave Analytics is a groundbreaking solution for developing any project.

Consider Challenges

There is no off-the-shelf solution for predictive analytics. Even the most sophisticated analytical platform should be integrated into the business environment and fine-tuned according to the nature of the client’s project. It will take some time and effort, but the results will bring you the top of companies in your industry. If you are ready to implement this cutting-edge technology, we can help you to tailor it to your needs.