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Finding the right person for a complicated task in the IT department is never easy. You can trust our system administrators, developers and QA specialists, whether it is services provided on the SaaS model or our custom solutions that we tailor to your business needs.

All our team members have strong analytical skills, proper education and professional qualification.

Professional Services

Our department of professional Salesforce® services is responsible for new and existing accounts and system implementations. We deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud, and it means that the quality of our services is crucial for successful system operation.

Our Professional Services team offers:

Software Development

Our software development teams are focused on creation of new apps and deep customization of Salesforce® features on the basis of Force.com® platform. We have mobile and web projects in work, which are both SaaS and standalone solutions.

Our Software Development department provides:

  • Development of apps and features with Force.com, App Builder and Lightning Components;
  • APEX programming;
  • Development on Python, Node.js, Ruby;
  • iOS development.
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Business Development

Our department of business development is responsible for sales, contracts and partner relationships. Our business team keeps your needs satisfied and tackles the required paperwork. Our specialists keep in touch with clients and inform them about all details of Salesforce® solutions and services.

Business Development duties include the following:

  • Contract generating and processing;
  • Building partner network;
  • Communication with partners;
  • Offering new and better products and features to customers.
Photo: Our team


Our internal Operations department does administrative work for the whole company and makes its operations smooth and productive. The department includes competent HR specialists and office managers who plan and coordinate workforce and company’s daily activities.

Our Operations department ensures:

  • Office management and office supplies;
  • Recruitment and adaptation of new employees;
  • Documentation flow.

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